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The Langlade County Economic Development Corporation likes to cross promote with other economic development and tourism entities. Please see the links below for more helpful information for you to expand or start a business or help in planning your next Wisconsin vacation.

Employment/Employer Resources
Job Center of Wisconsin
Everything you need to connect Wisconsin's workforce cam be found at the Job Center of Wisconsin's website.
• jobcenterofwisconsin.com

Workforce Development
The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development is the state agency charged with building and strengthening Wisconsin's workforce
• dwd.wisconsin.gov
Langlade County
This portal website will link users to Langlade County websites for additional information on business & agriculture; Langlade County notification system; music, art, & culture; support & assistance; clubs & organizations; government; recreation & tourism; transportation; education; health & wellness; relocation services; and volunteer opportunities.
• http://alcinfo.com/

Langlade County Airport
We believe you’ll find the Langlade County Airport to be an attractive, friendly facility, ready to make your visit a pleasant one or your relocation to our area one you will not regret. Fly in and see what we have to offer. Fuel and services are provided year round. Normal summer hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., winter hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Presently, Langlade County Airport offers two asphalt runways—Runway 16-34 4000’ and Runway 8-26 3400’. Lighting on Runway 16-34 is preset at low intensity from dusk until dawn, but from the cockpit, pilots can adjust 16-34 lighting from low to high intensity, as well as turn on 8-26 to low intensity. All four approaches are enhanced by Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) lights to offer more precise, safer descents to landing. With the flat farmland surrounding the airport, Langlade County offers some of the best approaches in the state.

The airport offers a Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) instrument landing approach and in 2001 a Global Positioning System (GPS) approach was implemented which offers a higher degree of accuracy in locating the airport. The current minimums for instrument approaches on GPS are 400’ ceiling and 1 mile visibility.

In 2003 and 2004 Langlade County completed a project through local, state, and federal funding to reconstruct Runway 16-34 and also construct a new parallel taxiway A, which goes from the Apron to runway 8-26, with runway 16-34 taxiway connectors B and C. This is part of a long term plan to lengthen runway 16-34 to 5000 feet with a full parallel taxiway.

Weather reporting at the airport is excellent. An Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) keeps pilots abreast of any changing conditions at the airport while they are enroute and constantly displays the current conditions on a computer in the lobby. That information is incorporated into the Weather Mation system which provides live radar coverage throughout the contiguous United States, forecasts, pilot weather briefings, etc. and can also be used to file required flight plans with the FAA Flight Service Station.

Fuel is available--100LL Av Gas and Jet-A. Tie downs are always available at no charge. Many times overnight hangar space to accommodate a plane comparable to a Piper Navajo is available as well.

The terminal building, built in 1982, includes a pilot lounge area and a conference room available for meetings with ample space for 20–30 people if needed.

Currently, there are 23 aircraft based at the airport, with five of those are home built, light sport or ultra-lights. Hangars on the field consist of a 10 bay T-Hangar with bi-fold doors built in the mid-1970’s, an older 40’ x 50’ conventional hangar with bi-fold door currently housing 2 ultralight aircraft, a privately owned 56’ x 64’ conventional hangar with 58’ bi-fold door built in 1999 used mainly by the crop spraying operation, and as a part of the terminal/operations building the 80’ x 80’ conventional shop hangar with 54’ 8” bi-fold door used for maintenance and aircraft storage. There was a new 6-bay hangar built in 2008. There are hanger spaces available to rent along with the possibility to build your own hanger at the Langlade County Airport.

Walker Aviation provides service to Langlade County’s air traffic with friendly and quality service. We offer aviation fuel (100LL and Jet A+), aircraft rental, airplane rides/photo flights, flight instruction, hangar rental and leases, and other aviation products. Fly in, drive in, or call for more information!

Langlade County Airport and Walker Aviation is located at N3689 Langlade Rd, Antigo, WI 54409, call them at 715-623-4525 or visite their website.
• Langlade County Airport Website

Langlade County Forestry and Recreation Department
Langlade County Recreation Plan 2017-2021

The Langlade County Forestry and Recreation Department is responsible for the administration and management of the 127,000 acre Langlade County Forest and associated park and recreational facilities. This includes an active timber sale and tree planting program. Recreational activities include the development and maintenance of county parks, camping facilities, swimming areas, picnicking facilities, boat landings, waysides, snowmobile trails, ATV trails, cross country ski trails, mountain bike trails, horse trails, hiking trails, nature trails, ski hill and a target shooting range. Opportunities are also provided for hunting and fishing.
• www.co.langlade.wi.us/departments/forestry-recreation-parks/

Langlade County Lake Associations
A number of people living and vacationing on lakes in Langlade County have formed organizations for their particular body of water. The goals of these groups may somewhat differ, but they all were formed with the idea to work together to preserve or improve their natural and social waterfront communities.

What is a lake or river association?

Usually lake associations are voluntary organizations with members who own land on or near a lake or flowage. People on rivers and streams form similar associations as well. Associations can be involved in various levels of lake management activities and vary from well-run lake management groups to loose-knit social groups. However, the purpose of most is to maintain, protect, and improve the quality of a water body, its fisheries, and its watershed.
• Langlade County Lake Association List

Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources
(715) 627-4317
Office Hours
Monday thru Friday
11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Click here for information on the new Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Public Access Lands Atlas
• dnr.wi.gov
Local Government
City of Antigo
Founded in 1878 by Civil War veterans Francis Deleglise and George Eckart, Antigo was known to local native Americans as "wild woods",a term still applicable today given the area's bountiful wild areas. Though the pristine wilderness remains, Antigo embarks on the 21st century replete with resources that situate it on the cutting edge of technology, manufacturing and growth.
• www.antigo-city.org

Langlade County
Langlade County - located in the heart of Northern Wisconsin has 127,000 county owned acres with impressive scenery dominated by maples, birch and hemlock available for recreation.
Langlade County Mission Statement:
The primary mission of Langlade County government is to provide essential services in a fiscally responsible manner that protect and promote the health, safety, economic well-being and environmental stewardship of our community.
• www.co.langlade.wi.us
Antigo/Langlade County Chamber of Commerce
Mission Statement: To encourage and promote the general business interests of our members and promote tourism for the benefit of Langlade County communities.
• www.antigochamber.com

ATV Tracks
ATV riding is a great way to spend quality time together outdoors with your family and friends. If you have been searching for new trails and vacation resources to enjoy your ATV riding adventure, Langlade County is the place for you.
• Langlade County ATV Trail Reports

Lake-Link Fishing Reports
Lake-Link.com provides Langlade County up-to date fishing reports for all area lakes. Become a member and you can also report on your fishing success.
• Langlade County Fishing Reports

Langlade County Heritage
Langlade County Historical Museum & Deleglise Cabin is open year-round Wednesday-Saturday 9:30 am -3:30 pm.
• www.langladehistory.com

Pickerel Pearson Business Association
Whether you're looking for a beautiful place to visit on your next vacation, a prime business location, or just a great place to live, you'll find it all in Pickerel and Pearson.
• pickerel-pearson.com

Snowtracks-Langlade County Snowmobile Trail Reports
Snowtracks.com will help you find information about Langlade County, such as links to trail and conditions reports by our local area experts. Along with area weather reports, how to order trail maps, locations maps, online trail maps and information about snowmobiling opportunities within Langlade County.
• Langlade County Snowmobiling Trail Reports

North Central International Trade, Business and Economic Development Council (ITBEC)
North Central Wisconsin is the recreation jewel of the Midwest! Over 8 million acres of recreation and business development resources await your arrival. North Central Wisconsin offers thousands of miles of scenic trail systems for all terrain vehicle riders, snowmobilers, hikers and bikers. You’ll find an abundance of waterways from Lake Michigan to the Wisconsin River which bisects the state.
• northcentralwisconsin.com

Wisconsin Department of Tourism
Looking to get out and truly discover what the rest of Wisconsin has to offer? TravelWisconsin.com is the ultimate Wisconsin Tourism site to find out the What, Who and the Where about the great state of Wisconsin!
• www.travelwisconsin.com