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Langlade County, WI provides a variety of northern Wisconsin recreational opportunities to meet everyone's likings. Enjoy over a quarter of a million acres of forest land, 841 lakes, 225 streams, 395 miles of trout streams, and 200 spring ponds. Langlade County has been branded the "County of Trails" because of a good reason. We have trails for hiking, mountain biking, snowmobiling, ATVing/UTVing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding and even sled dogs. In the summer of 2017, Langlade County became one of the access points for the Nicolet-Wolf River Scenic Byway.


Get your adrenaline pumping by going whitewater rafting or kayaking in eastern Langlade County. The famous Wolf River is one of the best whitewater rivers in the Midwest. People who raft or paddle the Wolf River are rewarded with abundant wildlife, outstanding shoreline scenery, and excellent water quality.
From historical museums to many parks and recreational opportunities, you will truly experience northern Wisconsin at its finest here in Langlade County.

For additional community information, links, and resources for Antigo and Langlade County, please visit our Community Resource Portal Website: alcinfo.com.

Click here for the Langlade County ATV/UTV trail conditions.

Langlade County ATV/UTV Trail Map


Langlade County ATV Clubs
Antigo Area ATV/UTV Club
Parrish Highlanders ATV Club
Pelcho Mudd Nutz
White Lake ATV Club
Wolf River Riders ATV Club

Langlade County Trail Description
There are four main trails that are connected through various road routes. The ATV/UTV trails in Langlade County are open weather permitting after May 1st and close December 1st.

On July 29, 2020, the Langlade County Board of Supervisors opened Langlade County's county highways as ATV/UTV routes except for the following:
  • State Highway 45, 45, 52, 55, and 64,
  • County Highway A from US Highway 45 to County Highway TT by Lil Hummer's Hideaway,
  • County Highway S from State Highway 47 to County Highway A,
  • County Highway TT from County Highway A to County Highway T,
  • County Highway K from US Highway 45 to County Highway U, and
  • County Highway H from Five Cent Fire Lane to River Road.
ATV/UTVs operating on approved county highway routes are to be on the paved portion of the road in the direction of traffic.  The Langlade County Highway Department has completed signing the routes making them open for travel effective September 29, 2020.  Click here to view the full Langlade County Highway Department Notice.  To view the Langlade County ordinance #4-2020, click here.

City of Antigo residents are able to access the northern Langlade County ATV/UTV trails by use of the City of Antigo ATV/UTV Routes. The trailhead is at the curve of Century Avenue and North Saratoga Street.  It is the old railroad grade behind Amron or across from Karl's Transport. To access this route, ATV/UTVers can park at one of the City of Antigo's north side hotels (Super 8, Holiday Inn Express, or America's Best Inn) or access the trail from a City of Antigo resident by two ATV/UTV corridors.  Click here to view a map of the City of Antigo routes. The intent of the City of Antigo ATV/UTV Routes is to provide travel from a resident and/or lodging establishment within the limits of the City of Antigo for the shortest distance necessary for a person to operate an ATV/UTV to the ATV/UTV route or trail that is closest to that residence or lodging establishment.  To read the full City of Antigo ATV/UTV ordinance, click here.

The City of Antigo ATV/UTV route connects with the Parrish Highland Trail and the Bass Lake Area.  Download the Recreational Map to plan your excursion to Parrish Highland Trail or the Bass Lake Area. To help guide riders, the trail outside the City of Antigo's limits is now marked with signage to guide riders from Antigo to Parrish Highland trails and back to Antigo.

The four main trails are Augustyn Springs Trail, Parrish Highlands Trail, Pickerel/Person ATV Trail, and White Lake ATV Trail.

Augustyn Springs Trail is located in the northeastern part of Langlade County. Augustyn Springs Trail is 21 miles in length entirely owned by Langlade County. The trail is very scenic and is located in a large block of northern hardwoods. It has rolling to very hilly terrain. This trail has some rockiness, and during wet periods has some water holes. This two-way trail travels on old logging roads which are also open to other recreationalists. This trail is in an area containing many other wood trails. There is a parking lot, restrooms, ATV ramp, and ATV wash station which is located on Highway A, 8 miles northeast of Neva from Highway 45.

Parrish Highland Trail is located in the northwestern part of Langlade County. This trail system has 50 miles of scenic terrain that traverses glacial moraines, upland hardwoods, cedar swamps, and small rivers and lakes. The terrain is rolling to very hilly. This trail links up with the Lincoln and Oneida County ATV trail system. This two-way trail travels on old logging roads which are also open to other recreationalists. There are three parking/access points. They are on Highway Q, at the Oneida/Langlade County Line; Highway H, 2 miles south of Highway 17 and Q; and Highway T, 3 miles west of Highway 45, Summit Lake. The Highway T location has an ATV washing station, restrooms, and ATV ramp.

Pickerel/Pearson ATV Trail is located in the northeastern part of Langlade County, between Post Lake and Pickerel. This 5-mile trail connects the Parrish/Highlands ATV trail, the Augustyn Springs ATV trail, and Forest County ATV Trail System. The trail runs on either side of Rolling Stone Lake and along the east side of Pickerel Lake through county forest land and over to Upper and Lower Post Lake. Pickerel/Pearson Trail offers picturesque scenery by these lakes, rivers, and county forest land; even though, most of the trail is on roadways.

White Lake Trail is located in the southeastern part of Langlade County by White Lake. This trail is 20 miles. The trail has rolling and hilly terrain through hardwoods. You can park and access the trail around White Lake in two places, Sherry Road, 1.25 miles north of Highway 64, Polar or in downtown White Lake on Highway M and Maple Street. The downtown location has a restroom available. The White Lake Trail connects with Oconto County ATV trails on Highway 55 just south of Hollister, WI.

Wolf River State Trail uses the former Wisconsin Central railroad corridor. In Langlade County, ATVs are permitted north of Lily.
Regulations and Policies
Trail Passes
Wisconsin law requires those who use Wisconsin ATV trails to display either Wisconsin registration or an ATV trail pass. Funds from this program will be designated for use as trail aids and related costs to enhance all Wisconsin ATV recreation. The trail pass may be purchased online at the WDNR, over the counter at any license sales location, or by phone at 1-877-945-4236.
• The $18.00 non-resident ATV trail use pass is valid from July 1st through June 30th.
• An ATV trail pass is required to operate an ATV.
• The trail pass must be permanently affixed by its own adhesive in a highly visible location on the forward half of the ATV.
• Once affixed, the sticker may not be removed or transferred to another ATV.

Langlade County Policy
When used safely and wisely an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) can provide a source of fun and family recreation. When used unwisely by an untrained, inexperienced operator, an all-terrain vehicle can be very, very dangerous. With safety in mind, an all-terrain vehicle can be a useful tool for work and a great means of exploring the outdoors.
• All-terrain vehicles (ATV's) are classified similar to any "motorized vehicle", such as a 4 x 4 truck, snowmobile, car, etc.
• Chains and studded tires are prohibited.
• The minimum forfeiture for ATV travel in our gated areas is $131.50.
• ATV's are not allowed on the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. The trail can be recognized by yellow paint on the trees adjacent to the trail. ATV's are not authorized on snowmobile trails that cross the Wolf River Conservation Easement, in the Crocker Hills, regardless of temperature.
For further rules please visit http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/atv/

Summer Information
ATV's/UTV's are allowed on any forest road or trail that is normally open to other vehicles, except on roads or trails that are gated, bunkered, or posted as closed. Normally these areas have signs stating "No Motorized Vehicles" posted at all primary entry points. These gated areas prohibit any motorized vehicle.

Examples of these closed areas are the area immediately adjacent to and south of Jack Lake (4,500 acres), Jack Lake Cross-Country Ski Trail (2,000 acres), Moccasin Lake Road Cross- Country Ski Trail (300 acres), Stevens Springs hunter walking trails (2,200 acres), Pence Lake tower hunter walking trails (1,200 acres), and the westernmost area in the Ackley Wildlife Area (3,000 acres). Thus, approximately 13,200 acres of the 126,000-acre Langlade County Forest are closed to motorized vehicles, including ATV's.  ATV's are not allowed on town roads which go through the county forest.

Please follow ATV/UTV Regulations for Wisconsin.  Effective March 4, 2020, some Wisconsin ATV/UTV laws changed.  Click here to view the law changes.  The ATV/UTV Laws pamphlet still applies, unless otherwise stated in law changes.
  • NOTE: All ATV/UTV operators under the age of 18 are required to wear a minimum DOT standard ATV or motorcycle helmet. Bicycle helmets do not meet this requirement.
Winter Information
ATV's are allowed on 500 + miles of state-funded snowmobile trails, but only after 10 days from when the trails are officially opened for snowmobiling by public notice in the Antigo Daily Journal. Once trails are officially closed for snowmobiling, ATV's must keep off the trails.

No person shall operate an ATV on any state-funded snowmobile trail when the temperature on the trail at a point four feet above the trail surface is 28° F. or higher. Chains and studded tires are prohibited on snowmobile trails.

On county forest lands, ATV's are allowed on all forest roads and trails, including those with gates, if the gate is open for snowmobiling. This includes the area south of Jack Lake, Ackley Wildlife Area, and both hunter walking trails. No ATV's are allowed on any cross country ski trail or the Kettlebowl Ski Hill.
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