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Over 100 Runners Took On Grueling 10K Antigo Tater Trot Race Saturday

August 15, 2016

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal

Saturday’s 36th Annual Antigo Tater Trot 10K race produced a slower pace than in previous years. Maybe it was the challenging course that winds its way through the town of Rolling, or the dirt road separating potato fields. But a break from the early morning rain left runners with a drop in humidity allowing for a much more comfortable race day. Something to be grateful for.

After bibs and bags of potatoes were handed out to over 260 participants, the day got underway with its first event, the One Mile Kids Run. Drew 72 athletes as Drew Dahlin of Green Bay led the entourage with a time of 5:35, followed by Deiontae Barner of Antigo at 6:01.

Other local participants in the male division were, Whitt Mach, Antigo, 7:00; Josh Heuss, Antigo, 7:10; Brady Waldvogel, Antigo, 7:18; Cordell Umland, Antigo, 7:22; Cole Umland, Antigo, 7:36; Samuel Giese, Elcho, 7:36; Ayden Gabriel, Antigo, 8:42; Beau Gabriel, Antigo, 8:43; Charlie Giese, Elcho, 9:23; Garrett Tomczyk, Antigo, 9:23; Carter Krueger, Antigo, 9:26; Jason Giese, Elcho, 10:08; Maxwell Giese, Elcho, 10:08; Riley Tomczyk, Antigo, 10:12; Carter Wassen, Antigo, 10:20; Riley LeVeque, Antigo, 10:49; Sam Clay, Antigo, 11:11; Levi Peterson, Antigo, 12:11; Jesse Peterson, Antigo, 12:13; Evan Hitz, Antigo, 12:27; Connor Umland, Antigo, 14:46; Maxwell Wilhelm, Antigo, 15:08; and Parker Schroeder, Deerbrook, 17:50.

For the women, Michaela Tomczyk of Antigo set the pace at 7:25. Other local participants in the female division were, Chloe Tainter, Antigo, 8:38; Evelyn LeVeque, Antigo, 9:07; Claire Heuss, Antigo, 9:10; Alice Giese, Elcho, 9:26; Bailee Krueger, Antigo, 9:26; Claire Swain, Deerbrook, 9:51; Angie Swain, Deerbrook, 9:51; Adaleigh Resch, Antigo, 10:09; Brie Young, Antigo, 10:49; Sophie Spencer, Antigo, 10:52; Lucy Slominski, Antigo, 10:54; Maggie Slominski, Antigo, 10:56; Holland Tainter, Antigo, 11:17; Layla Tainter, Antigo, 11:23; Anna Wassen, Antigo, 11:34; Lindsey Zarda, Antigo, 11:41; Elia Peterson, Antigo, 14:00; Alyssa Peterson, Antigo, 14:00; Frankie Hitz, Antigo, 14:09; Jamie Hitz, Antigo, 14:10; Sheila Clay, Antigo, 14:25; Mary Umland, Antigo, 14:46; Darlene Anderson, Antigo, 17:22; Jean Sagan, Deerbrook, 20:46; and Cora Dobrinska, Deerbrook, 20:46.

Moving on to the Four Mile Run/Walk with 91 entered, Kelechi Anyanwu of Milwaukee took the overall top spot and lead for the men with a time of 25:11. Other local participants in the male division were, CJ Wassen, Antigo, 26:21; Logan Edwards, Antigo, 26:24; Brett Farmer, Antigo, 26:59; Teale Mach, Antigo, 27:06; Javier Hernandez, Mattoon, 28:32; Dan Wild, Antigo, 30:24; Travis Ruether, Aniwa, 35:07; Wayne Paff, Antigo, 37:04; Grant Meeks, Antigo, 37:09; Aaron Kahan, Antigo, 38:07; Michael O’Brien, Antigo, 40:48; Jeff Somann, Antigo, 50:25; Will Balis, Deerbrook, 52:46; Gabriel Hilger, Antigo, 56:03; James Spychalla, Antigo, 57:45; Paul Hilger, Antigo, 57:45; Tim Gebert, Elcho, 1:02:20; Tom Ziber, Antigo, 1:02:30; Jim Hahn, Antigo, 1:06.43; and Chad Luerssen, Antigo, 1:11:31.

For the ladies, Keah Mach, and sister Jada Mach, both from Antigo stole first and second with times of 28:42 and 29:44 respectively.

Other local participants in the female division were, Tayna Zaloudek, Antigo, 30:23; Stacy Zarda, Antigo, 30:59; Abby Arrowood, Antigo, 34:48; Dani Wild, Antigo, 35:40; Amber Waldvogel, Antigo, 36:10; Samantha Ostrowski, Eland, 36:24; Samantha Wassen, Antigo, 37:18; Jamie Spychalla, Antigo, 37:22; Connie Wild, Antigo, 38:32; Connie Farmer, Antigo, 39:34; Esrefanni Nueske, Wittenberg, 40:01; Kristine, Kline, Eland, 41:27; Susan Zblewski, Birnamwood, 42:43; Michelle Thomas, Antigo, 44:51; Lisa Spencer, Summit Lake, 46:21; Sara Pitterle, Summit Lake, 48:03; Ginger Somann, Antigo, 50:25; Jennifer Pennington, Deerbrook, 50:34; Deb Hunter, Antigo, 51:55; Tracey L. Novak, Antigo, 53:42; Kim Duffbalis, Deerbrook, 54:07; Joanna Hilger, Antigo, 56:03; Mary Lex, Antigo, 57:04; Tammy Pestka, Birnamwood, 57:04; Jacki Parliek, Antigo, 57:23; Sarah Stoehr, Antigo, 57:32; Jane Hunter, Antigo, 57:33; and Jennifer Behn, Antigo, 57:33.

In the main event of the day, the 10K race pulled in 102 runners, Kris Brochardt took the lead early and never looked back as he finished first overall and among men at 38:39, a clear 3:30 before second place finisher Garrett Nelson of Black Earth at 41:56.

Wayne Grabko of Birnamwood finished third at 42:10 while Tom Waidelich of Antigo was sixth at 42:55. Stephanie Tainter of Wausau was fifth overall, first for the women with a time of 42:54.

Other local participants in the male division were, Dustin Tomson, Birnamwood, 45:09; Nick Marshall, Antigo, 49:38; Spencer Fittante, Antigo, 50:33; Brady Koss, Antigo, 50:37; James Reed, Antigo, 53:17; Paul Galuska, Antigo, 53:26; Matt Korbisch, Wittenberg, 54:29; Brandon Resch, Antigo, 57:21; Ben Wilhelm, Antigo, 1:00:04; Christopher Novak, Antigo, 1:02:57; Joe Wenzel, White Lake, 1:07:37; Nick Sinkler, Antigo, 1:11:05; Dan Deaton, Pickerel, 1:11:57; and James Sieckert, Antigo, 1:12:07.

Behind Tainter, local finishers were, Jenni Nueske, Wittenberg, 48:19; Mary Ponasik, Antigo, 49:57; Marie Fronek, Antigo, 51:00; Susan Slominski, Antigo, 52:45; Corie Zelazoski, Antigo, 53:45; Amanda Fuller, Birnamwood, 57:48; Mandy Petts, Deerbrook, 57:58; Ashlyn Anderson, Deerbrook, 1:00:02; Marcy Lewens, Antigo, 1:00:38; Janet Krueger, Antigo, 1:00:54; Roxanne Spencer, Antigo, 1:00:54; Diana Resch, Birnamwood, 1:01:27; Janie Rustick, Aniwa, 1:01:52; Laura Radtke, Elton, 1:02:45; Rose Prunty, Antigo, 1:03:34; Theresa Schroeder, Deerbrook, 1:04:04; and LuAnn Gelhausen, Antigo, 1:05:08.

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