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Work Towards New Cattle Barn on Langlade County Fairgrounds Continues

February 7, 2012

Rusty Mehlberg

County 106.1 FM

It is looking more likely that a new cattle barn will be built on the Langlade County Fairgrounds this year. The county's Public Property Committee discussed the issue during their monthly meeting Monday evening.

The only action the committee took was to approve a bid for the demolition of the current barn. The winning bid will allow the county to get rid of the decades-old structure without costing them anything as two businesses pledged to take care of this matter as a donation towards the new barn.

The bid will result in the entire barn being demolished, something that will go against the wishes of a group of people that have recently gotten vocal on trying to save a portion of the current barn. This group was interested in saving the center ring and cupola with the intent to move it to another portion of the fairgrounds for historic viewing and possible future use. However, the committee said questions on the current barn's condition, the ability for just the center ring to stand on its own and the timetable towards building a new barn forced them not to pursue this request.

As for the new structure, county Maintenance Director Nathan Heuss provided committee members an updated look on plans for it as work is being done by a steering committee towards its design. While the cost of the new structure is looking to be at least $500,000, it looks likely the money will be there to pay for it before construction begins.

A steering committee member said fundraising towards the project, whether it is naming rights or donations of materials and man power, have resulted in current money on hand to be around $426,000, which includes county funds allocated to the project. Expectations are also high that more funds will be raised over the next weeks to at least reach the half-million mark.

If a bid towards a new barn is approved over the next few months, then the plan is to have the current barn demolished in early spring and a new barn up and functional for this year's Langlade County Youth Fair in late July.

by Rusty Mehlberg

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