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Wisconsin Profitable Sustainability Initiative (PSI) Phase 2

November 1, 2011

Chris Berry

Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Below is a link to the second round of possible funding through the Wisconsin Profitable Sustainability Initiative (PSI). Some of you have already taken advantage of this program and it's proven quite successful for you. For those that might not be familiar, this program is used to assist small to midsize manufacturers (<500 employees) in the funding component for evaluating current sustainability practices, identifying opportunities for improvement and assessing cost, benefits and feasibility of potential projects to provide a roadmap for implementation.

Through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC-formally Dept of Commerce) up to an additional 30 companies will be chosen to participate. If you are interested, please check out the link below. or please give Chris Berry a call at 715-623-5123 or email her at to help. Also, please don't let the November 18 deadline curtail you if you are interested. That's also where our office (Langlade County Economic Development Corporation) can be of assistance if you need it.

Click here for the link. »