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WATVA ATV/UTV Economic Impact Survey

July 18, 2023

Hey ATV/UTV users! During 2023, WATVA (Wisconsin ATV · UTV Association) is running a very important economic impact survey for Wisconsin. They are seeking your help in understanding the current economic impact of ATV/UTVing in Wisconsin.

If you have a free minute or so, can you please take this survey? Only one per household though.

The information they gather from this survey will be analyzed by a professional economist. The final report will be published for free and shared with all of the industry partners.

This information helps support the need for the ATV / UTV industry in Wisconsin. Please, if you have some spare time, take the survey! It's anonymous and you won't end up on any mailing list.

Already took the survey on paper? No need to retake it on the web, it's the same survey!

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