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Volunteers Raise Money for White Lake Volunteer Fire Department and Community

February 16, 2015



Many fire departments in the Northwoods rely on community volunteers to fight fires. White Lake's Volunteer Fire Department also needs donations to fund its services.

That's why the department held its biggest fundraiser of the year Saturday.

This is the 40th year the White Lake Fishing Derby has been held. The entire community helps with the event.

"The whole community really gets involved so you just don't have to be on the fire department. All community members come out and help participate--selling raffle tickets, joining in bartending, whatever is needed to plan this," said volunteer Carol Blawat.

Saturday was also the start of the "Iron Mike" fundraiser.

Iron Mike is out on White Lake. People will donate to make bets on when Mike will go through the ice.

This is the first time the community has held the "Iron Mike" fundraiser in years.

"He's got a completely different look compared to what we had 40 years ago, but same intent: It's still to raise money, have a little fun while we're doing it, and when Mike goes through the ice that person will win up to $500," Blawat says.

It costs $5 to make a guess.

The money made from the "Iron Mike" fundraiser will go to community projects.

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