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Splash-N-Dash Draws Crowd For A Day of Swimming, Running

July 13, 2015

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal

The Splash-N-Dash event at Jack Lake Saturday drew and excellent crowd and was blessed with one of the summer’s nicest days.

“It was a fantastic day for a race,” one of the supporters of the program, Michelle Koss explained.

As the racers and their families and friends gathered for the mandatory pre-competition meeting, time was taken to honor of Jim Spychalla, an avid silent sport advocate in the Langlade County community. He was a man who usually never missed a day hiking, skiing or swimming at Jack Lake, a facility he truly enjoyed. He watched the event with his son James.

Koss said this year it appeared those involved in the event “buddied up,” and offered high-fives as they tagged off to their partners who went on the run segment of the program.”

The coolest ”buddy up” team was high school swim coach Heather Roff with her nephew Logan Hoffman, who was unable to join in such an event. She towed him in an inner tube for the swim segment and then the run portion was handled by Logan’s brothers, Judah.

After the race Koss said “we are very fortunate to have such a premiere location to hold this event,” noting the attributes of the Veterans Memorial Park facilities.

The winners of the race were:

— Long Course Male Overall Winner: Spencer Fittante, 37:54.

— Long Course Racers, male 19 and under: Alex Gray, second, 37:54.01; Zach Reinke, third, 47:54.

— Long Course Female Overall Winner: Diane Peterson, 41:57 from the state of Oregon.

— Female 40-49, Angela Berger, second, 51:57; Angela Hansen, third, 69:19; Jodi Tomczyk, fourth, 1:08:36.

— Short Course Male Overall Winner: Nate Heuss, 34:00.

— Male 19 and under, Brett Farmer, first, 35:48.

— Male 40-49: Patrick McKenna, third, 48:52.

— Male 60-69, Andy Merry, second, 1:12.

— Short Course Female Overall Winner: Lynette Fittante, 39:40.

— Female 40-49: Tonya McKenna Trabant, second, 48:54.

— Long Course Male Relay Team: Noah/Mike Fittante, first, 46:34; Jordan Huffman/Bram Roff, second, 46:36; Logan Huffman/Judah Huffman, third, 56:36.

— Long Course Female Relay Team: Mary and Molly Ponasik, second, 42:50; Brittany Wald/Mandy Petts, third, 43:42; Chris Berry/Angie Close, fourth, 46:20; Emily Tews/Lydia Kaegi, fifth, 49:54; Anna and Carrie Duke, sixth, 56:37.

— Short Course Male Relay Team: Seamus Roff/Brady Koss, first, 27:10.

— Short Course Female Relay Team: Michelle Koss/Sarah Duff, first, 30:52; Emma Nicholson/Angela Zimmerman, third, 39:42; Hannah Menting/Aereonna Schreiber, fourth, 40:36; Anna Reinke/Lauren Gray, fifth, 43:17; Joan Marciniak/Melissa Lenzner, sixth, 54:32.

— Long Course Mixed Relay Team: Andrew and Stephanie Tainter, first, 31:42; Kate Stensberg/David Laird, second, 31:52; Maddy Nelson/Tim Spranger, third, 33:55.

Sarah Stensberg/Tim Abbatacola, 35:46; Murron Roff/Kadin Hayakawa, 36:58; Alexander Falk/Justin Hickman, 37:09; Austin Arlen/April Sadogierski, 38:34; Heather Arlen/Paul Galuska, 41:07.

Molly Nelson/Ben Wilhelm, 42:29; Michelle Koss/Caleb Lenzner, 44:49; Lyn and Dom Quartaro, 45:04; Veronica Lyon/Randy Hansen, 46:38; Todd and Mary Stensberg, 46:50; Bryce and Kate Devore, 50:55; Diane Malzahn/Nate Cook, 1:00:58.

— Short Course Mixed Relay Team: Nathan and Heidi Marckx, first, 41:08.

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