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Special Reception Set For Friday For New Book About The Area

June 5, 2012

Rusty Mehlberg

Rusty Mehlberg

This Friday the Langlade County Historical Society will be holding a special reception for a recent book release that showcases what life was like in our area during the early 20th century. The book, entitled "Images of America Langlade County", was co written by area resident Joseph Hermolin and Milwaukee-area resident Richard Klatte Prestor. Hermolin, who is the president of the historical society, talked about the reception last week on the WATK-AM 900 Arby's Breakfast Club.

He said the reception will focus mainly on the photography work of area resident A. J. Kingsbury, whose photos are the main source of information for the book. "I'll be giving a little bit of a talk about Kingsbury and his significance and how he...what he did to help promote in a way this area through his photographs. We'll have a little bit of refreshments and I'll give the talk, and then we'll have a book signing."

Kingsbury gained his recognition with his ability to create photography-based postcards that people could send in the mail showcasing what life was life in northern Wisconsin. Many of his photographs are now in the possession of the historical society.

Hermolin said some of these photos will also be on display at the historical society for the reception. "And we have a number of photographs from the book, reproductions, hanging. So we have a little gallery; people can come look at a selection of photographs from the book." The photo gallery will be up for display until September 10.

Hermolin said that these photographs will also be used as a fundraiser for the society to help pay for future upkeep of their facilities. "We're offering them for sale or any reproductions from the book; we'll take orders if people see something they like, want to hang on their walls."

Copies of the new book can also be purchased at the event and the museum when it is open for visitors. Friday's reception is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m.

by Rusty Mehlberg

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