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Snowmobile Club Rides in Langlade County

February 25, 2015

Judy Peterson

Judy Peterson

The end of January and the beginning of February was busy weekends for snowmobilers in Langlade County. On Saturday, January 31st, the Langlade County Snowmobile Council sponsored its annual Ride In at the Lily Sno Birds Clubhouse on Turtle Lake Road in Lily. This was the 31st year of the event held at the Lily Clubhouse.

Snowmobilers from all around the County and many visiting snowmobilers attended the Ride In. Langlade County has 10 snowmobile clubs who maintain the over 500 miles of snowmobile trails.

The event held annually is a thank you to all club volunteers who brush, groom, sign and maintain the trails. But it is also a chance to renew friendships with club members from around County and meet new club members. It is also a chance to talk with other clubs about their grooming equipment, etc.

Food and refreshments were provided by the Snowmobile Council and served by the Lily Sno Birds Club volunteers. Various raffles and drawings were held with prizes provided by the Clubs, the Council, area businesses and snowmobilers.

Snowmobile trails bring many visitors to Langlade County. On the weekend of February 7th another snowmobile event will be taking place. The Classic Cruise Snowmobile Ride for vintage and antique sleds is held on Saturday, Feb. 7th at Quinn’s in Neva Corners.

It’s another wonderful opportunity to enjoy the winter season in Langlade County.