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Sharing the Roads with Horses. Horses Have Road Rights.

April 20, 2020

Shaughn Novy Volunteer Director at Black Hawk Hill Horse Park, Antigo, WI

Antigo Times

If you grew up in this area you are aware of the rules of the road.  Animals have priority to keep them safe and you safe, and in the case of horses, the rider.   We see less and less animals on the rural roads. Most are moved with trucks and trailers. So it may not be something you have thought of discussing with the young drivers in your home. Please do, Youth aren’t turned loose for the day on horseback anymore, roaming the neighborhoods.  Imagine we didn’t have a smartphone or a GPS app to get us home. We had other incentives!

Hey kids, remember Gram and Gramps still need your help when we have to download those apps.

So I will happily share a few tips on approaching horses and livestock if you will continue to help us with those AARP apps.

“Every person riding an animal or driving any animal-drawn vehicle is up on a roadway is granted all the rights and is subject to all the duties which this chapter grants or applies to the operator or vehicle, except those provisions of this chapter which by their very nature, would have no application”…..along with three or four other Wisconsin Statues 346.1, 346.02, 346.11, 346.21

Or please just slow down for your safety and the horse and rider, give the horse at least two car lengths space,  While you are waiting for oncoming traffic to pass,  remember there may be something in the ditch or bushes that scares the horse and he may buck or rear.  Pass when it is safe and only a nod and a smile are very much appreciated.  If you would like more detail a brochure is posted on the Wisconsin Horse Council Website and we are welcoming new members as well as the local riding and trail club Triple R Club. Please watch the local meeting notices for times and dates.  Enjoy your favorite trail.

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