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Rundown Of Area Spring Elections Taking Place

April 5, 2011

Rusty Mehlberg

WACD 106.1 FM Radio

Spring elections in Wisconsin will be taking place this Tuesday. Voters will have the chance to decide on the various statewide, county, city, village and township elections taking place. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. across the listening area.

We take a closer look at the elections scheduled to be held in our listening area. The majority of the competitive election in our area will be at the township level. For example, eight of Langlade County's 17 townships; Ackley, Elcho, Neva, Peck, Rolling, Summit, Upham and Wolf River will have competitive elections for town chairman and/or supervisor positions. All other townships will be non-competitive, meaning only one person is running for each position up for election.

As for cities and villages, the most competitive will be in the village of Wittenberg. Village President Westley Messier is being challenged by Paul Yeager. Yeager is also one of five people running for three trustee positions on the village board. Also running for a trustee spot include incumbents Dean Anderson, Mary Zillman and James Sterk and challenger Cindy Yeager. The village of White Lake also had a competitive election for a one-year trustee position between John Pomsal and Carol Blawat.

The City of Antigo, usually a spot for competitive elections, will not have any challengers for its elections. Mayor Bill Brandt is running unopposed, while three of the five ward alderperson seats have no challenger for the incumbents. They include first ward Joe Kapusta, second ward Jim Darling and ninth ward Margaret Turnbull. The fifth and seventh ward alderperson positions are up for election, but no names will be on the ballot for those posts. There are several people running for those positions as a write-in, but if they do not take place, those two seats will be appointed for the two-year term.

Area school districts board elections will be relatively quiet for this spring. The three school districts in Langlade County will have enough seats for all the candidates running to get on their respected board. They include incumbents Beth Bockes and Joe Kretz with challenger Miles Stanke in Antigo, incumbents Bob Jensen and Dave Visser in Elcho, and incumbents Carol Blawat and Lewis Bowman with challenger Leonard Schneider in White Lake.

As for county judgeships, Langlade County's Fred Kawalski is running unopposed for another six-year term for that circuit court seat. The lone competitive area judge race is in Marathon County as Mike Moran and Sandra Marcus are both challenging for the county's 5th Branch circuit court seat. All area counties will also be voting for a judge on the state's 3rd District Court of Appeals, which has only incumbent Gregory Peterson running for re-election.

There is also the state Supreme Court race for the entire state to decide on. Incumbent David Prosser is being challenged by state assistant attorney general Joanne Kloppenburg for a ten-year term on the state's highest court.

We hope to have the results of the area elections by Wednesday morning and report of them during those news updates.

by Rusty Mehlberg

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