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Parsons of Antigo Launches Expansion

November 15, 2011

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal

One of the community’s most durable businesses, Parsons of Antigo, is in the process of making big and positive changes.

Curt Parsons explained today the Chevrolet and Buick dealership on the city’s north side broke ground last week for a new body shop complex that will lead to reconfiguration of the existing building at Amron Avenue and Highway 45.

Parsons started building a 78 by 116 foot body shop on Amron Avenue west of the main garage and that will allow the changes in the main building to display automobiles and offer customers additional services.

“The inside display area will go from two vehicles to seven,” Parsons said, and it will add an indoor site for customers to pick up new automobiles away from the sometime harsh northern Wisconsin elements.

“We are doing this with our customers in mind,” Parsons said, explaining that the lounge will be tripled to about 650 square feet and will feature amenities including a large flat-screen television, a laptop computer work area and coffee bar.

“The facility will also be upgraded to General Motor’s newest standards including the ‘GM Blue’ entry element as well as specific color schemes.

“This is already a great place to shop for a truck or an automobile,” Parsons said, “and it is about to get even better.”

He said that the project will be bid locally and is following General Motors’ timeline for the improvements.

The entire east side of the building will be showroom, offices, the customer lounge and the vehicle delivery area.

“Our people and products will be fronting Highway 45, where the traffic is,” Parsons said.

The Parsons organization has been part of Langlade County for more than 76 years, starting in the town of Price by Max and Adeline Parsons as the Bryant Garage.

It is a true family operation shifting to their son David and his wife Sherri and now to their children, Curt and Jenny Gretzinger. The firm also has facilities in Crandon and Eagle River.

The family is upbeat about the Antigo project.

“By moving the body shop to the new site it allows the expansion of the customer and display areas, keeping the dealership among the most competitive in northern Wisconsin,” Parsons said.

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