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New McDonald's Takes Shape Quickly

May 23, 2011

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal

McDonald’s may be synonymous with fast food, but how about fast buildings?

The firm constructing a new McDonald’s restaurant in the North Town Centre on Antigo’s north side has been working on the footings, plumbing and other infrastructure elements for the business just south of the Highway 45 and 64 intersection for a number of weeks.

But on Monday the project took an entire new complexion — the contractors arrived and they were ready to go.

Antigo’s building inspector, Jerry Wilhelm, said the crew brought what is called a “panelized” restaurant with them, and this morning the last of the walls were already in place and they were ready to start on the roof.

“It goes up quickly,” Wilhem said.

He explained that the entire structure will take about a week to build, and then attention turns to the interior, which will take more time. He added that “it should be up and running in no time.”

In a report to the mayor and city council, Wilhelm said that as soon as the building is substantially complete, the existing facility in the 300 block of Superior Street will be shut down and prepared for demolition.

Before that happens, some of the equipment from the Superior Street restaurant will be moved to the new site.

He estimated that the new building will cost about $750,000, and when the entire project is completed the total will cap $1 million.

A number of other projects continue to advance here including the most costly in the community’s history, replacement of Langlade Hospital. The brick facing is installed in many areas and where areas are enclosed there is work on the mechanical items including electrical, plumbing, and heating and air conditioning.

Work is also continuing on an expansion at Amron Corporation’s facilities to provide office space.

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