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Moose Lake Shoreline is Restored through Langlade County, Volunteer Efforts

November 3, 2014

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal

The Moose Lake boat launch was recently the focus of an extensive shoreline restoration project hosted by the Friends of Moose Lake in partnership with Langlade County.

The project was led by Langlade County’s Land Conservation Technician Molly McKay and Tyler Betry, Langlade County’s shoreland protection specialist, assisted by Friends members June Hoddel, Karen Trembath, and Joan Resch.

According to McKay, work involved removing invasive canary reed grass and restoration of the native habitat through the planting of 39 trees and plants.

“Hopefully they will get re-established in that area,” she said.

The technician added that the work was an exanple of what can be done between ther office and groups or landowners interested in restorating native shoreland, including cost-sharing programs.

Shoreline restoration acts as a buffer zone providing habitat for wildlife, filters pollutants that adversely affect water quality, and helps prevent shoreline erosion.

Source: Antigo Daily Journal