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Medical Clinic In The White Lake Area Is Moving Forward

October 30, 2012

Christine Berry

Christine Berry

Northern Health Centers, Inc. of Lakewood, Wisconsin and Langlade Hospital of Antigo, Wisconsin with the assistance from the Langlade County Economic Development Corporation, Wipfli Consultants and members of the White Lake area are moving forward with creation and implementation of a medical clinic in the White Lake area to serve the people living in that area of Langlade County. Currently, there are approximately 4000 residents that live in the potential service area who travel on average 15-30 miles for healthcare.

The clinic will be located in the former White Lake Historical Society building in White Lake, which Langlade Hospital recently purchased from the Historical Society. Once the Historical Society is able to move out of the building, then the Hospital can begin renovations. The clinic should be open for business sometime during the summer of 2013.

This clinic was born out of discussions between Northern Health Centers, Langlade Hospital as well as local Public Officials concerning ways to improve access to healthcare services in eastern Langlade County. The benefits of the hospital and health center working together are sharing best practices in quality care and focusing on reducing costs. Langlade Hospital will support the effort through assistance with development of the facility, whereas Northern Health Center’s responsibilities will include recruitment and staffing, and providing mobile medical services in the future. According to Dave Schneider, Executive Director of Langlade Hospital “approximately 75% of the residents in the communities in the Eastern portion of the County do currently utilize the hospital’s services, this is a way for the hospital to expand services while making it more convenient for residents to seek medical attention”.

These parties have been diligently working behind the scenes to make this concept a reality. As a result, the time is right to share this information with the public. An open meeting will be held on November 15 at 6:00 pm at the Village of White Lake Community Center. Everyone is welcome. The public will be privy to timelines, staffing, and also information on the layout and hours of the new clinic.

This project not only fills a medical need but also adds to the communities’ attractiveness for new residents and possibly new businesses. Contact person for any questions or concerns that area residents may have is Judy Peterson, Project Committee volunteer at 715-216-2450.