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Maplewood Golf Course Cited as 'Green' Course

August 9, 2012

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal

Planting hundreds of small trees and smart watering practices are just two things Quig's Maplewood Golf Course has done to earn Travel Green Wisconsin certification. The golf course has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability by reducing its environmental impact; thereby joining over 325 Travel Green Wisconsin certified events, attractions, and destinations.

"We are thrilled to announce that Quig's Maplewood Golf Course earned its 'green credentials' in the Travel Green Wisconsin program," said Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett. "This is the first tourism business in Langlade County to achieve certification, and they will serve as a role model and resource for other area businesses that my be considering how they can implement sustainable practices to preserve the area's natural resources."

This year, the Department of Tourism adopted a flat fee of $95 for membership in the Travel Green Wisconsin certification. The change was based on industry feedback and to encourage a wider variety of tourism businesses and organizations to consider implementing sustainable practices in their operations.

Quig's Mapelwood Golf Course has adopted multiple "Green" landscape and management practices to reduce their environmental impact. They have narrowed its mowed area and planted hundreds of small trees between fairways. The course has also installed a computerized irrigation system, which allows watering to take place over night thus reducing evaporation waste and only the areas that need it are watered. The excess trees have provided a home for local wildlife including foxes and multiple bird species, and countless gallons of gas and water have been saved through their nature friendly practices.

Quig's Maplewood Golf Course supports several local community activities and organizations including Antigo/Langlade County Chamber, Pearson-Pickerel Business Association, and the Big Twin lake Association, as well as local school band and golf programs, local fire and rescue volunteers, local women's shelter, United Way among others.

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