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Latest Highway 64 Bypass Project Update

September 19, 2011

Rusty Mehlberg

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Work on the Highway 64 bypass begins to see its primary focus shift west this week. The project, which will relocate the state highway to the northwest of the City of Antigo, has had its biggest impact on traffic along Century Avenue on the city's northside over the past two months.

In her latest update, project engineer Barbara Heth said road crews will be paving the intersection of Century Avenue and Saratoga Street in the first few days of the work week. Once that is completed, they will shift the paving to the new highway west of Saratoga, focusing on the section between Hogan Street westward to Western Avenue. That is expected to continue for at least one week, two weeks at most.

As for traffic restrictions, no traffic will be allowed on Century Avenue between Saratoga and Hogan as the DOT does not want any traffic disturbing the graded gravel.

Work will also be picking up on the new highway at its intersection with the current highway in the Town of Ackley. The DOT expects to start flagging operations at that intersection in the near future to control traffic.

The project is still on scheduled to be completed sometime in November.

by Rusty Mehlberg

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