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Langlade Springs Bottles Excellent Water

March 14, 2013

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal

It’s the best water,” Jim Hose, plant manager at Langlade Springs, said this morning as hundreds and hundreds of bottles were moving on production lines at the Polar facility.

Hose said more and more people are recognizing that the water from the natural mineral springs at Polar is pure, refreshing and has a taste that many other brands cannot match.

Langlade Springs is becoming known as a preferred bottler of premium and specialty water that is being sold across the United States.

“Our water is also safe and healthy because we manufacture our own bottles using in-line blow molding just seconds before they are sanitized and filled,’’ Hose said. “The bottles are then inspected, labeled and packaged for shipment to vendors.’’

The firm has always worked to keep its bottles environmentally friendly by using only recyclable plastics and now, even making use of some recycled products.

The plant in downtown Polar is currently running four 10-hour shifts a week, but with summer hopefully around the corner, there could be more demand.

That, and the national growth in the bottled water industry, signal good things for Langlade Springs and its friends

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