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Langlade County, Wisconsin

August 2, 2012

Trade & Industry Development

Trade & Industry Development

Langlade County, better known as Wisconsin's "County of Trails," sits in the heart of the Northwoods, and offers three industrial parks, all with shovel-ready sites available.

Situated in the county seat, the industrial park in Antigo benefits from the town being home to half of the 20,000-resident county. The Antigo industrial park offers cost-effective wireless broadband and up-graded infrastructure along with close proximity to markets and raw resources, affordable land and buildings, as well as reasonable property taxes.

Like Antigo, the industrial parks in Elcho and White Lake are graced with a highly skilled and dedicated workforce. The high level of quality in their work output and loyalty contribute to Langlade County's desirability as a destination for business.

Langlade County has three K12 school districts and is serviced by two technical colleges. The two tech colleges that service the County have highly specialized curriculum's, including nursing, agronomy, manufacturing, wood technologies and police science. not only that, but forward thinking has led to partnerships being formed between the tech schools, business and industry as well as the K12 system.

Another attribute of Langlade County that contributes to its positive quality of life is the brand new, $45-million state-of-the-art Langlade Hospital.

The combination of its diverse industry base, its highly acclaimed education systems, dedicated workforce and abundant outdoor recreation make Langlade County extremely attractive for businesses and residents alike.

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