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Langlade County Wildlife and Fisheries Advisory Council Creation

June 22, 2023

Al Murray

Langlade County Forestry, Parks, and Recreation Department

The Langlade County Forestry, Parks, and Recreation Department is forming a citizen’s and professionals interest group with the following purposes:
  • Establish a single point of contact locally for conversation related to fish and wildlife habitat improvement
  • Establish a larger group to discuss potential wildlife and fisheries habitat improvement projects in Langlade County.
  • Generate a larger group to support wildlife and fisheries grant funding applications which may include habitat work and facility work.
  • Generate a larger group that may provide manpower to improve fishery and wildlife habitat and facilities utilized by partner groups.
  • Discuss rules/policies that currently exists on the County forest and potential changes to meet the needs of partner user groups.
The initial meeting is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. on June 28th at the Forestry, Parks and Recreation Department Conference Room, 1633 Neva Road, Antigo, Wisconsin.

Click here to download the first meeting's agenda.

Everyone is welcome to attend that is interested in the wildlife and fisheries resources in Langlade County.

Please contact Al Murry with questions.
Contact: Al Murray, Langlade County Forest Administrator
Phone: 715-627-6300

More Information about Langlade County Forestry, Park, and Recreation Department is at