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Langlade County Looking Into 2300 Acre Land Purchase

August 22, 2013

WJFW News Channel 12

WJFW News Channel 12

Timber means big business in Wisconsin.

The trees lay the foundation for a multi-billion dollar industry.

But businesses aren’t the only ones who profit when timber gets sold.

That’s why Langlade County is looking into a land buying opportunity. Plum Creek, one of the largest landowners in the nation, is trying to sell 2,352 acres to the county.

The land is in northeastern Langlade County near the Wolf River. It also, sits next to land already owned.

Langlade County Forest Administrator Erik Rantala thinks the purchase would be a good long term investment.

“This is tremendously important because through the Langlade County Forest, we set up timber sales and those revenues go back to the county,” Rantala said.

The county had more than $2 million in timber sale revenue last year.

The purchase could cost $4 million dollars. But the county is applying for a state grant that would cover half of that price tag.

Rantala says the purchase wouldn’t raise taxes.

“This should have no impact on the tax levy,” Rantala said. “We are trying to avoid that.”

Rantala thinks the county will be awarded the grant.

They could have the land by the end of the year if everything goes to plan.

Langlade County owns more than 127,000 acres. Across Wisconsin, 29 counties own a total of 2.4 million acres.

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