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Langlade County Fair Makes a Profit, Will Kick Off in Five Months

February 27, 2017

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal

In exactly five months and one day. The curtain will rise on the 2017 Langlade County Fair.

While Antigo remains firmly in the grips of winter thanks to a late season storm, planning is roaring ahead on the 2017 mid-summer exposition, this year with the theme of Celebrating the Bounty of the County.

We have a budget-friendly, family-friendly fair, and that’s what makes it a success, Coordinator Rhonda Klement said.

Klement, along with members of the fair board, recently returned from the annual Wisconsin Association of Fairs convention held at the Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells.

At that event, Klement was elected president of the association, a position that will involve traveling the state examining what does, and doesn’t, work at the various expositions.

It’s interesting to see some of the other fairs and fairgrounds, she said. It’s eye-opening and a reminder that we are exceptionally fortunate with the quality of our facilities here.

The convention also included plenty of questioning from representatives of other expositions about Langlade County’s successes, including the fair’s record profit of $47,000 earned in 2017.

That’s the biggest profit we’ve ever had, Klement said, far surpassing the previous record of $32,000. Overall it was due to good planning by the board. We watch our expenses pretty close and our community and businesses really step up through sponsorships and other opportunities.

This year’s exposition will take place July 26 through 30 and with the Bounty theme, will showcase what Langlade County has to offer.

Our youth are our real bounty, along with the animals and all the other exhibits they bring, Klement said.

It will also mark the 50th anniversary for A&P Amusements, which operates the fair’s midway. A variety of specials are planned, including a ticket markdown to just 50 cents each on opening day. The tickets, regularly $1.25 apiece, will be able to be used throughout the exposition. Each ride generally takes four tickets.

Klement said this year’s fair will include the usual mix of music under the big midway tent, including Vic Ferrari, Johnny Wad, Coyote Wild and Cook & Belle. There will also be a new stage under the grandstand on July 26 and 27, bringing music to both sides of the midway those two days.

In the grandstand, sprint cars will run on July 28; demo derby returns on July 29; and the always popular tractor pull will close the exposition on July 30.

Those three are the staples of the fair, Klement said.

New this year will be an increased emphasis on free shows, many taking place directly on the midway. The lineup will include a mix of stilt-walkers, magicians and fire-breathers designed, Klement said, to entertain fairgoers waiting in lines for the carnival rides. There will also be a new mom’s relaxation area, with comfortable seating and a play area for youngsters.

And the exposition will continue to showcase the talents of 4-H and open class exhibitors, with livestock shows and auctions and literally thousands of exhibits across the grounds.

We’ve figured out ways for people to come to the fair and enjoy it without spending a fortune, Klement said. ‘It’s a recipe for success.

To visit the Langlade County Fair's website, click here.

Members of the Langlade County Fair Board attended the Wisconsin Association of Fairs
convention in Wisconsin Dells. From left are Bill McFarlane, vice president; Rhonda Klement, coordinator;
Dennis Klement, president; Adeline Hess; Joe Novak, county liaison; Deb Wirth, Fairest secretary and co-coordinator;
and Allyssa Zoern, Fairest co-coordinator; Shelli Haggerty, treasurer; and Wendee Arrowood.

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