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LAMBA Trail Report 8/14/19

August 14, 2019

Pat McCabe

Langlade Area Mountain Bike Association (LAMBA)

Below is a trail report from the Langlade County Mountain Bike Association (LAMBA) on trails they maintain - Nicolet Roche Mountain Bike Trail, Wolf River State Trail (non-mortorized section), Wolf River Mountain Bike Trail.

Nicolet Roche
  • All trees have been removed from Old Grave Road south to Camp Ground Drive near Boulder Lake. The Buck Snort Segment has been weed wacked and blown and is in great shape.
  • The two track from Van Alstine to the single track has been cleared of most windfall and is ridable. I would like to see limbs hanging into the road cut back and some windfall cut back further prior to the Wolfman.
  • For maintenance access, I would also like to see more work on the two track beyond campsite to the trail crossings near Buck Snort. There are also two overhead trees that need to be removed.
  • The Spring Lake Segment has had trees removed but needs to be blown and debris removed from trail bed.
  • One tree root ball remains on the MOAB trail. Will evaluate and figure out how to deal with it.
  • Pat mowed the two track from Kuzicki’s to the Forest service two track and further to Buck Snort. Unfortunately the mower broke and Pat was not able to finish. If Blake doesn’t get to this Pat will finish this weekend.
  • Charlie Johnson and Lloyd Larson have stated that they will blow the Spring lake segment this Friday, August 16th. Thank You!
Northern Trail from Hwy 64 to Van Alstine Road
We have cleared windfall on  over half the trail. After the Wolfman Trails are complete this weekend, Pat would like to put together a crew to finish up. Pat will do the chainsaw work. Need two to three others to move wood and brush. Than go through and weed whack and blow the trail. Will be great to have this back on line sooner than later.
Hwy 64 to Eickhoff Road
Pat has ventured in about 100 yards from 64 north and did a stand and gawk from Eickhoff Road. Hoping to hike through the whole mess for a better look soon. Would be great to get this trail back on line. As discussed at the last LAMBA meeting, we will prioritize other projects first and then tackle this mess. One positive is that the trail was brought back to a respectable condition earlier this year- weed whacked, leaf blown and dead fall removed, so maybe finding the trail and clearing it should be well within our capabilities. Would be great to have this back on line prior to Biketabeir Fest.
Wolf River Trails
  • Thanks to the hard work of LAMBA and Wolfman volunteers, these trails are in great shape. A big shout out to Brian Heikenen for mowing all the two track and hand work on the switchbacks.
  • Two track from Dewberry to river crossing has been mowed, weed whacked blown and limbs hanging into the trail have been cut back.
  • The post storm tree removal was taken care of by DNR staff working with our land manager Gary Bartz. Thank You!
  • The short single track to the river had about five trees down on it. Two were upended and the root balls destroyed some of the trail. These were removed last Sunday and small re-routes and a ride over were created. It will probably ride better than ever.
Wolf River State Trail
The rail grade trail from 64 to Lily has several trees down on it. We removed trees and brush from the end of Wallrich Road to about 1/3 of the way to West Hollister road. I think we can clear the remaining trail to West Hollister with a good crew in about 4-5 hours. Brian Heikenen has offered to bring his tractor with forks on it to a scheduled work session. Thinking that the weekend of August 24th may work for me. I’ll send out an email specifically on that. The remaining work from West Hollister Road to Lily will probably require two work days to complete. On a positive note, trees are a bit easier to cut off the rail grade than in tighter quarters on single track trails. Less hang-ups and more room to work.

New Wolfman connection from Hwy 64 to Van Alstine
The two track we have been using for the event has an excess of 50 large red pines down on it. So we have decided to scrap the notion of having that section usable for the Wolfman Triathlon.
We have obtained verbal permission to use property from Memorial Drive to Van Alstine to access the trails in the National Forest. This is actually a route used in the early days of the event. Hoping to have this all mowed and marked by the end of the day on Sunday. 

Pat will be back down on this Friday (August 16, 2019) to work on trails. Blake Schlaeppi will provide a more information on what still needs to be accomplished for the Wolfman Trails by this Friday.
Please contact Patrick McCabe with the Langlade Area Mountain Bike Association (LAMBA) on his cell at 715-891-3906 or email him ( for more information on any of these trails or to help with trail clean up.

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