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How Wisconsin Helps Movement

March 30, 2020

Wisconsin is full of friendly, kind and compassionate people. That’s just who we are. And when we’re faced with challenges, our true colors shine even brighter.

Right now, across the entire state, Wisconsinites are lifting each other up and providing support to one another in unique ways. No doubt you have seen this in your own social feeds. People are volunteering, donating blood, food and other essentials, supporting restaurants through curbside pickups, and donating their money and skills in ways we have never seen before. Businesses are finding ways to support people and healthcare workers in need, through mass product donation or meal deliveries. Families are putting color into the world with sidewalk chalk, hearts and rainbows in windows, and signs of hope and encouragement. We want to lift these efforts even higher.

We’ve launched a grassroots movement to share the good-spirited things we’re seeing and doing in Wisconsin to help each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re asking all Wisconsinites to join in the movement on social media by sharing photos and news links, telling the stories of the many ways people, businesses and communities are helping one another and add the #HowWiHelp hashtag.

We have launched a landing page that serves as an inspiration gallery, pulling the hashtagged posts into one place for people to browse and share with anyone seeking ideas, inspiration, or hope:

Please join the #HowWiHelp Movement
  • Share photos to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter of the many ways Wisconsin’s people, businesses and communities are helping one another
  • Add the #HowWiHelp hashtag and tag @TravelWisconsin in your post.  
  • If you’re sharing from your personal Facebook page, be sure to mark the post as public!
It’s a challenging time for us all. Let’s make it better by highlighting the helpers and sharing #HowWiHelp.

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