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How Area Counties Voted In The Supreme Court Race

April 7, 2011

Rusty Mehlberg

WACD 106.1 FM Radio

A recount of the state Supreme Court race between Justice David Prosser and challenger Joanne Kloppenburg is most likely coming. After all the votes in the state's 3,630 districts were counted, Kloppenburg has an unofficial lead of 204 votes, or a 0.007-percent lead over Prosser. This number is expected to change as votes are canvassed and errors are resolved.

When taking a closer look at how local voters cast their ballots for this race, it showed a strong support for the current justice. In our eight county listening area, 75,829 votes were cast for this specific election on Tuesday. 54.9-percent of those were for Prosser, with the other 45.1-percent for Kloppenburg.

Only one of the eight counties had a majority of voters vote for the challenger, which was Menominee County with 63.1-percent. The remaining seven went for Prosser, ranging from 50.2-percent in Lincoln County to 60.9-percent in Shawano County. A full list of how each county in our listening area voted is posted below.

One factor that comes up when considering the vote results is the higher than expected voter turnout on Tuesday. City of Antigo Clerk/Treasurer Kaye Matucheski said around 30-percent of Antigo eligible voters cast a ballot on Tuesday, well above her expectations. Voter turnout in our area counties ranged from 20 to 40-percent. According to the Government Accountability Board, voter turnout statewide was around 33-percent, well above their 20-percent prediction made last week.

by Rusty Mehlberg

-Forest: Prosser: 1,531, Kloppenburg: 1,196
-Langlade: Prosser: 2,668, Kloppenburg: 1,895
-Lincoln: Prosser: 3,575, Kloppenburg: 3.542
-Marathon: Prosser: 17,131, Kloppenburg: 14,823
-Menominee: Kloppenburg: 241, Prosser: 141
-Oconto: Prosser: 5,199, Kloppenburg: 3,852
-Oneida: Prosser: 5,515, Kloppenburg: 5,135
-Shawano: Prosser: 5,535, Kloppenburg: 3,550

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