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Heavy Snowmobile Trail Groomers Have A Bad Time

January 4, 2016

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal

Snowmobile trail groomers, those heavy machines that grade and pack hundreds of miles of trails throughout the central Wisconsin area, are having a difficult time.

Eric Rantala, director of the Langlade County Forestry and Recreation Department, said today that a number of the machines have been stuck when they attempted to groom across swamps.

He explained that it has been too warm and there has been too much rain for the past month, and things are not freezing up.

Snowmobile club groomers are massive devices usually pulled along by large farm tractors on tracks and they have been causing problems in the swamps. They simply have sunk in and got stuck.

Rantala explained that the only real snowfall in this area was light, and while the groomers have been packing it where possible to build a base, plenty more is needed and some deep chill.

We are working on them, he said referring to the trails. But he added a few words of caution that weather must change before they are ready to go.

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