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Field Street Project Begins In Antigo

April 12, 2012

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal

Field Street was literally being ground to bits today.

A machine that chews up the asphalt surfaces of streets and roads was passing from Seventh Avenue to Fifth Avenue pulverizing the uneven, bumpy and broken street preparing for new sewer, water and other infrastructure improvements and eventually —before July 23 — new asphalt pavement.

The machine that is making mincemeat of the road will also work on Sixth Avenue from the Spring Brook Bridge to Aurora Street, where the sewers, water line and other utilities are due for updates.

The broken pavement will be rolled in the areas where excavation is not underway to allow traffic to use the surface, but caution is being urged.

Advance Construction is doing the excavation and installation of the sewer, Duffek Sand & Gravel of Antigo will do the street reconstruction work.

According to Midstate Associates, the cost of the project on Field Street and Sixth Avenue will be $2.377 million, which includes lighting and in some areas, decorative crosswalks.

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