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Elcho Students, Staff Place Signs of Appreciation Across the Area

April 20, 2020

Elcho school staff and students are saying thank you to the community.

Over the past several weeks, art teacher Kim Schoenrock has been working with Travis Goeks, who runs the district’s technology education program to show appreciation to local businesses.

Students created a variety of artwork, which Schoenrock and Goeks are transforming into signs being placed across the community.

The photo at left shows one of the appreciation signs being created by Elcho school staff and students. At right, art teacher Kim Schoenrock works on a frame.

“Travis and I have built wooden frames that are being put outside various health care services,” Schoenrock said. “And we are putting up the signs.”

It’s not limited to the Elcho Clinic. The project has branched out to include various Antigo facilities such as Rosalia Gardens, Aspirus Langlade, Eastview and more.

‘The frames allow me to change the signs each week and put in different artwork,” Schoenrock said.

There are bigger plans as well.

“I’m hoping to put this type of sign at the mailboxes of rural parents and the front yards of people in town who are involved in health care and other essential services,” Schoenrock said.

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