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Dog Powered Sports 101 Engages Dogs in Their Owner's Exercise

September 20, 2016

WJFW Channel 12

WJFW Channel 12

Going out for a run or a bike ride by yourself sounds like fun for a lot of people. But some people want to add to the experience and take their dogs with them.

The Dog Powered Sports 101 training event was held in Pearson Sunday afternoon. With a lot of the dogs being husky breeds, the weather was a little too hot and the dogs' safety is always top priority.

"So it is a little warm today so we are not running dogs a long distance," said Dog Powered Sports' Beth Castaldi. "They're actually running less than a quarter mile on the scooters and the bikes."

Most people associate the huskies with dog sledding, but the Dog Powered Sports groups welcomed all breeds.

"We have goldens, we have beagles, we have spaniels that come. We have a boxer that comes and they just do great in harnesses. They might not be the speediest in the world, but they still come and have fun and it's a great way to enjoy time with your dog out on the trail," said Castaldi.

Dogs will be back on the trails in Pearson to compete on November 5th and 6th for the Dirty Dog Dryland Derby.

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