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Dog-Powered Fun Set for Saturday at Pearson-Area Camp

September 29, 2017

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal

Grab your canine best friend and head out to Pearson on Saturday for Dog Powered Sports 101, a day of fun and activity for dogs and their human buddies.

Hosted by the Langlade County Sled Dog Club, the free educational event will open at 9 a.m. at MaKaJaWan Boy Scout Camp, 6730 Highway T, Pearson.

Exercising is always better when done with a willing enthusiastic partner and that partner can be your dog, Beth Castaldi, an active member of the local mushing community, said. It helps keep them out of mischief and you both earn a healthy lifestyle.

Learn how to exercise and have fun with Fido at Dog Powered Sports 101 Saturday.

Dog powered exercise can be enjoyed by any dog breed and their owners from youngsters to seniors, Castaldi said. Local mushers will share information about how owners can team up with their dog for fun and fitness.

It’s not just about huskies, it’s not just about racing and it’s not just about snow, Castaldi said.

Dog powered sports is a general term used for a dog or dogs in harness accompanying a person as they travel down a trail together. The speed can be slow, moderate or flying. The person can be running, pedaling a bike, standing on a scooter or wheel cart, skiing, or riding the runners of a sled.

This is the second year for Dog Powered Sports 101, with a goal of providing all details needed to get owners and their dogs participating. Information will be available about necessary equipment and where to find it, how to get a dog to perform in harness, safety on the trail and care of the canine athlete. Knowledgeable dog handlers will be on hand to help start training the dogs.

Mel Omernick from Gleason will share the basics of dog powered sports during her program, What and How. Omernick has spent many years training and exercising her dogs.

She is an exemplary dog person, Castaldi said. Her enthusiasm will encourage the newcomer and inspire experienced dog powered sports

MaKaJaWan is an ideal location for the event, Castaldi said. It is a family oriented northwoods facility just a short drive north of Antigo to Pearson.

The gorgeous scenery and comfortable surroundings will soon have every one relaxing and enjoying spending time with fellow dog people, Castaldi said. The Langlade County Sled Dog members sincerely appreciate its use.

Saturday’s activities are free and set-up to be flexible on-going interactive sessions in the morning.

After lunch, equipment and reliable trained dogs will be available for anyone wishing to try their dog or dogs in harness. Other features include a flea market for dog related items, continental breakfast, home cooked lunch service and vendor displays.

Everyone is invited to come to this free event with or without a dog, Castaldi said. All breeds are welcome.

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