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Department of Tourism JEM Grant Helping Antigo Horse Park Promote New Summer Rodeo

June 22, 2017

Lane Kimble

WJFW - Channel 12 News

Shaughn Novy figured the perfect place to make a big announcement would be, literally, on her high horse. On a brown horse, Wednesday Novy announced a significant grant to help promote a rodeo dedicated to Antigo's rich equestrian history.

Novy and her family recently opened the non-profit Black Hawk Hill Horse Park in Antigo. It focuses on teambuilding and leadership, using horses to teach those skills.

"We love to be around horses, we love to work with horse people, and we would like to enhance the industry," Novy said.

Novy is now using her horse park to launch the first "Northwoods Triple Crown Rodeo." The rodeo is three days of horse and bull riding, tricks, and barbecuing.

"We [figured we] could bring an event to Antigo, and what do we like to do?" Novy said.

The Wisconsin Department of Tourism delivered a $26,677 Joint Effort Marketing (JEM) grant Wednesday afternoon. Groups who receive the grant must match the funds offered. The JEM will help promote the August rodeo through advertisements, signs, and other methods.

"The Department of Tourism won't take the credit, but they've helped me every step of the way," Novy said. "Put money back money into the community to have more visitors and to have things for the families to do."

Regional Tourism Specialist Jeff Anderson helps groups in 18 counties learn more about and receive the JEM grants.

"This shows that the partnership when we can work together at the local and state level to identify the events and help provide some marketing dollars, there's tremendous return," Anderson said.

The Department of Tourism doled out about $1.1 million in JEM grants in 2016. The Department estimates the Triple Crown Rodeo could attract nearly 1,000 people and nearly $120,000 in economic impact for Langlade County.

"The impact is astronomical in bringing people in to the campgrounds, to the hotels, any place they can stay," Langlade County Economic Development Corporation Operations Manager Keri Beck said.

Novy admits other communities -- like Merrill and Manawa -- have their own rodeos already, but she thinks the Triple Crown will stand out, making state and local investments worth the work.

"If we see people smiling and enjoying those tasty ribs on Saturday, that'll be a reward for us," Novy said.

The rodeo will be at the Langlade County Fairgrounds August 11-13.

For more information and tickets visit Northwoods Triple Crown Rodeo website.

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