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'County of Trails' is Expanding Again with New Single-Track Trail at Old Landfill

June 6, 2017

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal

Langlade County, which promotes itself as The County of Trails, is getting another addition.

Langlade Area Mountain Bike Association, known as LAMBA, is partnering with city officials to add a beginner’s loop to the single-track bicycle trail located south of Antigo off of Dump Road, the site of the former city landfill.

Volunteer crews were using LAMBA’s trail-building dozer and other equipment Thursday to begin work on improvements to the complex. The area has been reclaimed from its longtime landfill role and includes diverse, rolling and wooded terrain that is a far cry from anything the word dump may envision.

It’s kind of hidden under the radar out here, Mike Heiny, a LAMBA volunteer working with the city’s Sarah Repp, the director of parks and recreation, said. We’re excited the city is interested in working with us on this.

The current trail is a mile in length and features some highly technical stretches, which are great for mountain bike enthusiasts but extremely hairy to sport newbies. The extension will run an additional mile, along a completely separate track, and will be far more forgiving, allowing those new to the sport to enjoy an outing, gain some confidence in their single-track trail skills, and not lose enthusiasm for a very fast-growing sport.

The idea is to get someone who wants to get introduced to the sport a place to ride, Heiny said. The current trail is fun, if you have some experience.

Repp said the terrain in the area is stunning, and being located only 3.7 miles from the city, very accessible.

The city bike trail does come right out here, she said. People can get on their bikes in town and come out here and ride the trail.

And the trails are not just for cyclists. They are open to runners and hikers, dog-walkers and other outdoor enthusiasts in the summer along with snow-shoers and fat-tire cyclists in the wintertime.

The loops are really fun, Heiny said.

There will be a call for volunteers to help contour and construct the trail in the near future. Because it is on city property there are a few legal hoops to jump through, including the signing of waivers, but Repp said the details will be listed on the city website.

This is just one more opportunity we are creating, with volunteer help, to add to the recreational opportunities in the city and county, Repp said. We have the land and we have the volunteers. It is a win-win situation.

Information about LAMBA is also available on the organization’s Facebook page.

LAMBA is also in the beginning stages of an extensive project to construct a web of single-track trials—eventually for all levels of ability—at Veterans Memorial Park at Jack Lake. Fund-raising is now underway and volunteers are also being recruited for that work, which will take place in phases over several years, this summer.

Antigo Park and Recreation Director Sarah Repp and
Mike Heiny of the Langlade Area Mountain Bike Association
at the city’s single-track trail located at the former landfill south of Antigo.
It will soon add another mile loop suitable for newcomers to the sport.

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