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County Forest Provides Secluded Fishing, Paddling, and Wildlife Viewing which is Unparalleled

August 9, 2022

Al Murray


In conversation, Al Murray, the Langlade County Forestry Administrator, often hears the question, “What does Langlade County have that is unique?” Today we will discuss one of the unique features of Langlade County, secluded lakes and ponds.
While Langlade County is not known for large recreational lakes frequented by water skiers, boaters, and highspeed activities, in total Langlade County has over 1500 lakes and ponds available. Many of these lakes and ponds provide for fishing and paddling.  These include named lakes, unnamed lakes and ponds, spring ponds, and stream related ponds. 413 of the lakes and ponds are accessible from Langlade County forest lands and many of these have exclusive access from County Forest lands providing seclusion that can be found in limited amounts anywhere else. That means from the Langlade County Forest, people who are interested in secluded fishing and paddling could go to a different lake or pond each week for nearly 8 years. If you count just spring, summer, and fall months, that would stretch the exploration possibilities to 16 years of time, each at a different place!

Example 1 of 61 remote wilderness lakes on the Langlade County Forest-
low fishing pressure, no lakeside homes, no water skiers, nature at its best.


Remote lakes and ponds provided endless opportunities for wildlife viewing in natural habitats.  Most lakes are frequented by bald eagles, loons, many species of ducks, geese, swans along various species of herons, kingfishers, flycatchers, and other birds that rely on water habitat.  The remote areas provide viewing of wetland plants. Many lakes are well stocked with native fish including panfish and trout and some are enhanced by DNR stocking. 
Example of 1 of 76 remote stream related ponds on the Langlade County Forest-
waterfowl galore, no homes or residences for 3 miles, furbearers heaven, nature at its best.

Some lakes and ponds have accesses that are available by transport by vehicles, some require paddling up and down streams and some require carry-in only.  Most lakes provide clear cool natural water, some of the best in Wisconsin. Ponds provide various water quality. Your possibilities for secluded fishing, paddling, and wildlife viewing are endless.
For more information please contact the Langlade County Forestry, Parks and Recreation Department at 715-627-6300 or Al Murray, Forest Administrator at 715-627-6368 or by e-mail at