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County Board Races Taking Shape

December 21, 2011

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal

With two weeks until the filing deadline, several races are shaping for seats on the Langlade County Board of Supervisors.

Supervisors in all 21 districts face re-election this year, and candidates and incumbents have until Tuesday, Jan. 3 to file nomination papers. Incumbents who have decided not to seek re-election are asked to file declarations of non-candidacy by Tuesday, Dec. 27, an extended deadline due to the Christmas holiday and shortened office hours.

As of today, races are shaping in three districts and more could certainly develop.

In District 6, which encompasses the city’s Sixth Ward, Larry Poltrock has taken out nomination papers to challenge incumbent George Bornemann, who has not filed any paperwork to date.

In District 13, which includes the town of Antigo Ward 1, incumbent Jeffrey Zalewski will be challenged by Dan Schremp, the county’s former maintenance director. Both have returned their nomination papers.

In District 19, the town of Polar Ward 1 and town of Price Ward 2, incumbent Thomas Schultz has filed his nomination papers. Holly Matucheski, who has just retired as director of the Langlade County Health Department, has taken out papers, but not returned them.

The status of other seats include:

—District 1, Antigo’s First Ward: Incumbent Robert Benishek has taken out papers.

—District 2, Antigo’s Second Ward: Incumbent Judy Karpf has taken out papers.

—District 3, Antigo’s Third Ward: Incumbent Richard Hurlbert has filed his nomination papers.

—District 4, Antigo’s Fourth Ward: Incumbent Douglas Nonnenmacher has taken out nomination papers.

—District 5, Antigo Fifth Ward: Incumbent David Morse has not yet taken out papers.

—District 7, Antigo’s Seventh Ward: Incumbent Vern Cahak has filed his nomination papers.

—District 8, Antigo’s Eighth Ward: Incumbent Patricia McKinney-Rice has taken out nomination papers,

—District 9, Antigo’s Ninth Ward: Incumbent Dale Dahms has filed his nomination papers.

—District 10, town of Antigo Ward 2 and town of Rolling Ward 1: Incumbent Arlene Bonacci has filed nomination papers,

—District 11, town of Rolling Ward 2: Incumbent Ron Nye has filed nomination papers.

—District 12, town of Norwood and town of Polar Ward 2: Incumbent Gene Kamps has filed nomination papers.

—District 14, the towns of Ackley, Parrish, Summit and Vilas: Incumbent Rick Bina has filed nomination papers.

—District 15, town of Elcho Ward 1: Incumbent Richard Olsen has filed nomination papers.

—District 16, town of Ainsworth, town of Elcho Ward 2 and town of Langlade Ward 2: Incumbent Jerrold Burns has filed his nomination papers.

—District 17, town of Evergreen, town of Langlade Ward 1 and town of Wolf River Ward 2: Incumbent William Bostwick has taken out nomination papers.

—District 18, town of Wolf River Ward 1 and village of White Lake: Incumbent Michael Klimoski has filed nomination papers.

—District 20, town of Neva and town of Price Ward 1: Incumbent David Solin, the board chairman, has taken out nomination papers.

—District 21, towns of Peck and Upham: Incumbent Jim Jansen has filed nomination papers.

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