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City of Antigo Approve Loan For New Downtown Office Building

October 13, 2011

Rusty Mehlberg

WACD 106.1 FM

The City of Antigo will provide money to help build a new office building in the downtown area. The city's Common Council approved a Public Improvement Fund Loan to Stellar Center Antigo-LLC during their October meeting Wednesday evening.

By a six to one vote, the council approved a $360,000 loan to be given to the construction of the building at the corner of Superior Street and Sixth Avenue. The money does not give the city any ownership of the building, and the money will be paid back over a 12-year period with interest by its owner. The agreement that goes with the loan details what Stellar Center must do, including when to have the building constructed and what reports the city must receive from them, in order to ensure they keep the loan in good shape. Construction of the building is expected to get started by the start of November.

The agenda item the council spent the most time in discussion dealt with an ordinance change on how to discipline truancy offenders. By a five to two vote, the council approved adding a clause to an ordinance that would give authorities the right to seize items such as cell phones, MP3 players and video games systems for up to 60 days. Those who support the change say the clauses intent is to ensure there is an actual consequence that will affect them for being a habitual truant and encourage them to go to school. Those who oppose the change say the added power is an over reach and do not think the change will have the desired effect.

Other actions the council unanimously took at their meeting included the sale of two properties in the city's Industrial Park, approved a buyout of a block grant from CoVantage, approved a request from the Antigo Housing Authority to continue to adjust payment as they apply for tax credits, approve a new grievance procedure policy and approved police power to conduct sidewalk replacement for certain properties in the city.

by Rusty Mehlberg

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