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Both Langlade Hospital Awards Are On National Level

October 28, 2011

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal

The two awards Langlade Hospital received recently were impressive, both of them on the national scale.

One of them is called the “Top Performer on Key Quality Measures”, a recognition from what is known as The Joint Commission.

The commission based its citation on evidence-based clinical processes that are shown to improve for certain conditions, including heart attack heart failure, pneumonia, surgical care and children’s asthma.

The commission said that Langlade Hospital is one of 405 U.S. hospitals and critical care access hospitals earning the award for attaining and sustaining excellence.

To be recognized as a top performer on key quality measures the hospital must meet two 95 percent performance thresholds, which the facility passed in the areas of pneumonia and surgical care.

The second is a Hospital Strength Index citation, the first time Langlade Hospital has been in the running for the award.

The index is a scorecard designed to reflect the complexity of the health care industry and then simplify the data into an easy-to-use scoring system.

It is designed to provide hospitals with an assessment of their performance in a way to uniformly rate and discuss quality using 56 different areas of performance.

There were nine hospitals cited for the strength award in the state of Wisconsin, and Langlade Hospital was among 100 across the United States.

It is designed to address the strengths of critical access hospitals.

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