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Bicycling Not To Be Forgotten By State Tourist Secretary.

April 30, 2011

Although the governor wants to scrap funding for bicycle paths, Wisconsin's tourism secretary says cycling will not be forgotten as a tourist attraction. Stephanie Klett made that promise at the state's Bike Summit held in Madison recently.

Klett promised to include cycling in the state's tourist advertising, which would get boost under Governor Scott Walker's budget for the next two years. Walker wants to increase tourist advertising from $13 million this year to 14-million in the next fiscal year, and almost 16.5-million the year after that.

Klett said she cannot remember a Wisconsin tourist ad that featured bicycling, and she vowed to change that. Walker's budget plan would also eliminate $2.5 million set aside by Democrats two years ago for bike and pedestrian trails.

Many of the bicycling enthusiasts at the summit were planning to ask their legislators to restore that funding, and to create tougher penalties for motor vehicle drivers who kill bicyclists in traffic accidents.

Wheeler News Wire

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