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ATV riders to celebrate use of Highway 64 bridge over the Wolf River

May 5, 2023

Kevin Passon

Antigo Daily Journal

Saturday will bring a sense of euphoria to fans of ATVs and UTVs — and not just because the weather is getting warmer and trails will soon be open.

For those who have followed by twists and turns of trying to find a way for ATV users to cross the Wolf River at Highway 64 and Highway 55, the path is now clear — straight across the bridge.

“We fought 16 years for this, and it finally came to be,” said Sally Mulhollon, a member of the Langlade County Board and president of the White Lake ATV Club.

ATV, UTV and snowmobile riders will now be able to take their machines on the bridge to cross the river and to mark the occasion, a ribbon-cutting celebration and party afterward will be held Saturday.

The Highway 64 bridge over the Wolf River can now be used by ATV, UTV, and snowmobile riders. 
A celebration and ribbon-cutting event to mark the occasion will be held Saturday.
Riders will gather at the White Lake trailhead and drive over the bridge for the 11 a.m. ribbon cutting. Then, everyone is invited to the Wolf River Town Hall for free food and drinks at noon.

Earlier this spring, the Langlade County Board adopted an ordinance to authorize the operation of ATV and UTV vehicles on a section of Highway 64, from the intersection of Buettner Road east to the intersection of Memorial Drive including the bridge across the Wolf River on Highway 64.

It would also allow ATV and UTV vehicle access to a business at the intersection of Highway 64 and Highway 55, including the addresses of N4505 Highway 55, N4495 Highway 55 and N4530 Highway 55 in the Town of Wolf River.

Mulhollon credited many people for their perseverance on this issue, pointing to the efforts of Sue Hawely, Kent Skidmor and Andy Kostelny. In the past decade, she was joined by her husband, Elmer, John Brantmier and Jim Wisneski in working toward the legalized use of the bridge.

“We all went to countless meetings,” Mulhollon said. “Another person that really helped get this done was Al Murray (Langlade County forest administrator).”

Mulhollon said her involvement was not just because of her enjoyment of the ATV sport but also to help those businesses in the area. She said the change will mean fewer struggles for them as well as be a boost to tourism in the area.

“We finally can go to the businesses,” Mulhollon said.

White Lake ATV Club President Sally Mulhollon stands in front of her machine
in advance of Saturday's celebration that will allow ATV users
to cross the Highway 64 bridge over the Wolf River.  Mulhollon and others have been
working for more than a decade to get permission to use the bridge.

Mulhollon and others are also working with Murray to connect trails east of Highway 64 to Fish Hatchery Road. This and a few other items in the works will help connect trails in Langlade County to trails in Oconto County.

“All this takes countless hours of work. Sometimes it is like a full-time job. You don’t get paid for it, but seeing the results is worth it,” Mulhollon said. “The one thing I can say to all the riders that use the trail system is that think of all the hard work these people have done and ride responsibly stay on the trail and wear your helmets and please do not drink and drive. This will better help our image for ATVers and the sport.”

Although riders will gather Saturday for this celebration, all are reminded that due to weather conditions, the trail system in Langlade County remains closed.

Murray said it is possible some trails may open May 13; however, it is likely that portions of trails in the northwestern part of the county will remain closed until later in May.


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