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ATV/UTV ride draws a big crowd

May 11, 2015

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal

A success was scored in Antigo on Saturday.

The Antigo ATV/UTV Club held its initial ride on a trail system that starts on Amron Avenue, opening a major area for adventure on the four-wheeled machines that can go pretty well anywhere.

The use of them is one of the recreational success stories of the past several years.

Peter Pennington, president of the club, explained that he and friends decided to put extra effort into the trail program, and it has been a tremendous success.

They managed to make deals with the city of Antigo, town of Antigo and Neva to use railroad right of way and are working to perfect additional areas in the county to help link up with a far wider system.

On Saturday, a huge turnout was on hand for the start of the ride at the sprawling Peaceful Valley Park and once they got rolling, the machines went two-by-two down Fifth Avenue and then north to the trailhead on Amron Avenue.

“It was tremendous,” Pennington said. Members of the club were certainly enthusiastic and there were benefits.

“We signed up a number of new members,” he said.

After the ribbon cutting in front of the trail sign, the riders were ready to roll. They went to Angle Road and then rode a number of town roads and got to the Parrish Highlands system in northwestern Langlade County.

The machines were everywhere. There was visiting, a few refreshments and lunch in the clubhouse and then the crew all headed back to Antigo.

“I started the morning discussing the trail system,” Pennington said. “The important point I made with other officers in the club was that this is a privilege to be using the lands for the rides.”

The club, its members and friends plan a busy summer and expanding opportunities in this area of the state.

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