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‘Randall’ is Coming to Elcho - Cheery Van Will Dish Up Scoop on UW

July 31, 2019

Elcho Music at the Pavilion program will welcome a special guest Wednesday, and he’ll be bringing ice cream.

Randall M. Scoops, a vintage 1957 International Harvester Metro van, will be visiting the summer music program, packed with famous Babcock ice cream. Everyone is invited to savor a scoop for free.

Randall M. Scoops, the Babcock ice cream wagon, and his crew are shown touring a tour stop.
The trick, with one-of-a-like Babcock ice cream will dish out the “scoop’ on the
University of Wisconsin-Madison and its programs, along with some delicious dairy,
on Wednesday, July 31, 2019 during Elcho’s Music at the Pavilion.
Scheduled far in advance, it will be a nice boost for the storm-battered community.

It’s part of the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association Get the Scoop 2019 Summer Tour, designed to bring awareness of Wisconsin’s flagship university and have some fun along the way.

“When you’ve been around since 1848 like the University of Wisconsin has, some misperceptions are bound to come up,” Tod Pritchard of the alumni association said. It’s important to clear up a few of the big myths and remind everyone that the UW is always working for Wisconsin. But most of all, the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association wants to say thank you, Wisconsin, for sending some of your best and brightest to UW–Madison.”

Randall and company will be at the summer music series from 5:30 to 8 p.m., offering free ice cream at the pavilion and enjoying the sounds of Bear Creek Band.

In addition, The Elcho United Church of Christ Women’s Fellowship will be serving brats, barbecues and desserts as a fund-raiser for its community programs

Did you know that more than half of UW–Madison undergraduates graduate with zero debt? Did you know that it takes an average of just four years and four days for students to graduate from UW–Madison? And that twothirds of undergraduate applicants from Wisconsin are admitted to UW–Madison?

That’s the “Scoop” from the educational tour.

Along with the ice cream, concert-goers are invited to put their Badger knowledge to the test by taking a pop quiz with a chance to win Badger prizes.

The Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing UW–Madison through the financial and moral support of alumni, donors, and friends of the university. Founded in 1861 to promote the welfare of the University of Wisconsin and serve the interests of its graduates, it connects, enriches, and serves a growing number of alumni to help facilitate their support of each other and the university

Randall is a 1957 International Harvester (IH) Metro Van, was one of the earlier, mass-produced forward control vehicles once commonly used for milk or bakery delivery as well as ambulance services, mobile offices, and radio transmitter vans. Starting in 1938 and manufactured through 1975, the Metro series was produced and updated with each iteration of IH’s truck lines. The Metro bodies were built by the Metropolitan Body Company on Grand Street in Bridgeport, Connecticut, a company that IH purchased in 1948.

The Babcock ice cream crew gives a Wisconsin salute in front of Randall.

The van was found in northwest Canada and sent back to Wisconsin for full restoration at EVOLVE in Union Grove and KBR PERFORMANCE in Lyndon Station.

He was named Randall, for Camp Randall, home of Badger football, M. for Madison, and Scoops for, well, scoops of Babcock ice cream, of course.

The Babcock Hall Dairy Plant and Dairy Store have a long and rich, creamy history on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus since 1951. They are named after Stephen Moulton Babcock, a UW researcher in the Department of Agricultural Chemistry and the inventor of the first reliable butterfat content milk test in 1890).

By producing signature products for the university and community, the plant and store help support the UW Food Science Department’s mission of research, teaching, and outreach.