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Antigo Rotary helps build pump track for mountain bikers

November 4, 2022

Mountain bike riders have a new challenge awaiting them in Antigo.

The Antigo Rotary Club and the Antigo Parks and Recreation Department have teamed up to create and install obstacle course equipment and a pump track for bikers.

“The city approached us,” Rotary Club President Ryan Geldon said. “We worked with the city and said we’ve got a budget around $5,000 for an annual community project.”

With a $2,500 grant from the Rotary District level and $500 donation to the city, the local club paid about $3,000 for the project that totaled about $6,000.

The track is near the sledding hill at Railway Activity Park, 1011 First Ave.

A pump track is a looped sequence of rollers and berms—swoopy, banked turns—for bike riders. It’s designed to maximize momentum, so bikers can ride it with minimal pedaling.

“We went forward with helping with a pump bike track, which is right by the sledding hill,” Geldon said. “It is piles of dirt that are landscaped for kids to go up and down hills, kind of packed in a full mountain biking course into a tiny area. Along with that, there’s wooden deck obstacles, including teeter-totters and other decking materials that kids can take their bikes on.”

The course is for adults, too.

City officials reviewed a similar setup in Wausau and then with input from Rotary Club members, designed the course.

Rotarians created the obstacles in a city shop in mid-October, and city crew members installed them later.

“They (city crews) came in, pre-cut a lot of the boards, and then it was a matter of going in. We constructed these five or six different obstacles,” Geldon said. “It was a little bit of cutting, a lot of measuring, screwing in with drills.”

The Rotary Club completes one community project each year, including helping to create the sledding hill a few years ago.

“We always shoot for one community project a year,” Geldon said. “We have worked a lot with the city in the past. We have done some walking bridges over by that walkway off Second Avenue. We have done some other projects as well.”

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