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Antigo Company Helping Brewers Playoff Run

October 7, 2011

Reporter: John DesRivieres


For the Brewers to win Game 5 versus the Diamondbacks Friday night, they'll have to come up with some big hits. An Antigo company is helping them do just that.

Zelazoski Wood Products, known mostly for their work in the broom and brush industry, began making bats about 6 years ago.

They're sold through a company called "Rockbats".

Last season, several Brewers, including Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun were swinging the bats, even some Colorado Rockies players were using them.

This season, Corey Hart is the only player swinging the "Rockbat", but he's put up some big stats.

"The owner of the company worked with him and came up with a bat he really liked. A couple of the players were liking them pretty well, a lot of them use several bats. Corey Hart is the only one who continues to use the Rockbat", said Ben Zelazoski, Corporate Secretary for Zelazoski Wood Products.

When you're watching the game Friday night, take a close look, because the bat Hart's holding was proudly made in Antigo.

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