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Antigo Bike and Ski Club to hold breakfast event on Saturday

December 29, 2011

Rusty Mehlberg

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It is not expected that any snow that will fall this Thursday will be enough to open area winter trails for snowmobiles and cross county skiers anytime soon. No matter what the conditions are outside this weekend, the Antigo Bike and Ski Club will be holding their second-annual "Breakfast at Gartzke" event on Saturday morning. Club member Joe Hermolin talked about the event and the club during Wednesday's WATK-AM 900 Arby's Breakfast Club.

The lack of snow may not be good for the recreation lover, but Hermolin says it does give the club plenty of time to ensure the trails at Gartzke Flowage, located in the Town of Polar, are ready for when the snow falls. "Mowing, because it is available for hiking on the trails, and every fall and in the spring we do some major trail work. So were ready for the snow."

As for the event, the club did it for the first time last year and got a good result with around 60 people showing up. Hermolin is hopeful that it is just as popular this year, which starts at 8 a.m. "We'll have waffles, sausages, people can bring if they have their favorite toppings. We'll have coffee and hot chocolate all at the shelter. There is a shelter...cozy little building; we have a fireplace there, it will be warm, picnic benches."

Hermolin adds that the event is intended for both club members and non-members as it is a way for the Antigo Bike and Ski Club to get more information out about them and see if they can get new members to join. "We want to introduce people, and I should say families too. We try to be a children friendly group. I hope that families with little kids come and introduce the kids to these kind of activities. And it is for members and non-members, particularly non-members, like to get them all involve in some sort of outdoor activity."

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by Rusty Mehlberg

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