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Antigo Adds More Recreational Opportunities

January 29, 2020

Sarah Repp, City of Antigo Park, Recreation and Cemetery Director

Antigo Daily Journal

In 2020, the City of Antigo will again be partnering with various groups and organizations for park, trail, and facility improvements as well as development of new recreational programming and activities.

Continued improvements to our existing parks and programs are possible because of community support, involvement, and partnerships, which parlay our local resources and promote our local amenities; creating a desirable place to live and visit.

Trails, Connecting Pathways and Winter Activities
Single Track Trail: 175 acres of beautiful rolling terrain and hardwood forest is located just south of town at the site of an old capped landfill, which is home to the Single Track Trail (address: N1985 Dump Road). Continued trail development at this location has been spearheaded by Mike Heiny with the use of equipment from City Gas. An additional loop was completed in 2019, which means there will be a total of approximately 4 miles of trail in this location. 2020 work plans include continued maintenance and detail work on existing loops that will create a better experience for riders. The trails were designed for single track bike riding, but are also open to runners, hikers, and walkers. The trail is available for use year-round, and we are working with volunteers to pack the trail during the winter months for snowshoeing or hiking.

Springbrook Trail: 2020 will see an expansion of the existing Springbrook Trail, which will connect the West Rotary Bridge to Charlotte Street, allowing for a paved corridor from the existing trail to the north side shopping centers and apartments.

Construction of low-level boardwalks have begun, which provide a necessary connection over wet ground in the northern natural area of our trail system.

We will again work with Timberland Invasive Partnerships to continue to remove and treat invasive species along the Springbrook Trail.

The existing Springbrook trail includes a combination of paved trail, rough trail, and 1,800 feet of boardwalk (within city limits).

Just off the trail there is an 18- hole disc golf course sponsored and funded by local businesses and Rotary (Rotary also funded the two bridges that provide critical connections for trail expansion). The disc golf course is a great way to involve the entire family in a fun and healthy outdoor pursuit. 

Duffek Island (located just off of the boardwalk) has a small play structure and gazebo with picnic tables. Both the play structure and gazebo were made possible through donated funds.

Winter months provide expanded recreational opportunities as you can cross-country ski, snowshoe, or walk various sections of the Springbrook Trail.

Signed & Designated Bike Route: The signed and designated bike route connects people to places through the use of existing roads and trails. The Antigo Optimists funded the sign posts and each sign was donated by an individual, group, organization or business. The bike route promotes our local amenities providing safe connections to shopping, schools, facilities, trails, parks, restaurants, and businesses.

Remington Lake Connection Pathways: A pathway will provide a connection from Hogan Street to the ADA fishing dock at Remington Lake; projected project completion by fall 2020. Antigo Trout Unlimited, 2 Angels, and the Remington Foundation also provided funding for this project. 

Ice Rinks: The hockey rink and large outdoor ice rink adjacent to the Peaceful Valley Warming House (open daily once rinks are open) are being worked on by crews when conditions allow. An additional rink is located in the Heinzen Pavilion; this covered rink is connected to the large rink via an ice path, so the Warming House and restrooms are accessible by taking a quick skate.

Winter Fun and Family Wellness Day: Scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 9 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event is held in Peaceful Valley Park and is sponsored by the City of Antigo, Economic Development Corporation, Boys & Girls Club, and Aspirus Langlade Hospital. Brandt’s Sleigh Rides, free healthy food (provided by Aspirus Langlade Hospital), games, campfires, and s’mores are all part of this annual event.

Community Support Creating Community Improvements
Ball Diamond Improvements: Antigo Dugout Club and Youth Softball have installed batting cages, so our community now has four batting cages for public use. Another large ball field improvement will occur at Al Remington Little League Field with plans to construct a seating deck in 2020. Youth Softball successfully raised funds to place new scoreboards at Lake Park, Al Remington Little League, Saratoga North, and Saratoga South; final installation will occur in 2020.

Updated Community Signage: The City of Antigo and Unified School District of Antigo worked to update the signage on the west end of Fifth Avenue (just before Western). The sign is double-sided and also recognizes local service organizations. We are looking to secure additional locations for placement on the north, south, and east edges of the city.

Sled Hill Improvements: A stairway and signage recognizing Rotary’s support and assistance was completed this past fall. Rotary volunteered their time to assist with landscaping and provided the City of Antigo with a donation to enhance the sled hill located off of First Avenue (1011 First Avenue). The early snowfalls have allowed for ideal conditions, and lots of sledding fun.


Rotary Playground in City Park East: Rotary will be supporting the purchase and installation of playground equipment for ages 2-5 near the wading pool. We are planning for a fall installation in 2020.

Youth X-Country Ski Program: The youth x-country ski program facilitated by Ryan and Andrea Medo will be offered a second year, after great success in 2019. Registrations are currently being accepted on-line, or in person at City Hall. The program began on Monday, Jan. 6, 2020 at the Springbrook X-Country Ski Trail just off of Byrne Road.

HeART: We have been working with HeART to place Senior Parking locations throughout the community, and enhance the community resource website,, to provide more comprehensive information and resources for seniors.

Youth Sport Camps and Youth Basketball: We are partnering with the Unified School District of Antigo and working with Tom Schofield to offer youth sport camps as well as a youth basketball program.

2020 Recreation Programming, Activities, Registration, and Summer School
Summer School and Rec Programs - On-line Registration: New for 2020 we will be partnering with the Unified School District of Antigo, so users will be able to register for Summer School Programming as well as Rec Programming, and reserve park facilities using the same registration software.

Recreation Program Registration Now Open: The majority of our established, or annual recreation programs, have been scheduled for the upcoming summer, spring, and fall. Registration has opened as of Jan. 1, 2020. Summer School programs will be available for registration sometime in March.

Stay Connected - Community Resource Website and Community Calendar: In addition to the Park and Recreation Department there are an abundance of organizations and groups that offer programming, events and opportunities for our community.

Check for program and event information on the Community Website:, the Community Calendar, Facebook, and our on-line registration page for additional information. If you are involved in a league, program, or event and would like help promoting your passion please let us know and we’ll post the information for you as well.

Thank You
Our parks and programs would not be possible without community support, volunteer efforts, organizational partnerships, and continued individual participation and involvement. Working together helps our community, programs, and parks grow in a unified direction; subsequently accomplishing great things. In summary, we want to say thank you for all the support that has allowed us to accomplish a variety of projects and shared community goals. We look forward to another exciting year in 2020!