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An Update on the Langlade County Cattle Barn/Storage Building Project

May 18, 2012

Rusty Mehlberg

Rusty Mehlberg

Anyone who drives by the Langlade County Fairgrounds can see the work being done on the new cattle barn/storage building. Roseann Hoffman, a member of the Cattle Barn Steering Committee who has been responsible with getting funds and plans for the barn completed, provided an update of the project during Thursday's WATK-AM 900 Arby's Breakfast Club.

She said that work has been slowed a bit due to government red tape, but they are confident they can get a key section of the barn underway soon. "Everybody knows that the building is down and the foundation is coming in. The foundation for the dairy wing is complete and we're getting ready to back fill that. As soon as that's back filled, our builders will be able to come in and start putting that section of the building up. So hopefully we'll be seeing that happening here within the next week or so."

The project is replacing the old cattle barn that had been on the fairgrounds for over 80 years. Funding comes from money the county had set aside to upgrade the old structure, but the majority of it is coming from donations.

Hoffman said their main form of fundraising the around $550,000 cost is by getting naming rights for the 170 animal stalls, three animal wings and center show ring. "Right now, we have approximately 70 stalls left to sell. So when you consider that we're $70,000 basically away from our goal thats awesome."

There has also been other fundraising done by other groups for the project, including the 4-H clubs over the past months as they have a $12,500 goal to reach. Hoffman said they are approaching that goal. "Right now the 4-H groups have, are at about $8,500 raised. And they've had several fund raisers. Some of the clubs have stepped up and have put money into it (and) individuals."

Hoffman commented that working towards raising funds for this project has overwhelmed her with how much people in the area are willing to give. "It is just an overwhelming, surprisingly, pleasing opportunity for me to experience this because I was surprise how much the community has stepped up to it."

Even though their fundraising goal is in sight, Hoffman said she and their committee will not give up until they have the funds needed to make this structure the best it can possibly be. "We had the money to cover the barn, and that is what we're at. But now we need to final touches, the stuff that goes inside the barn. And that's what these last 70 stalls are going to bring us."

It is still up in the air whether the building will be fully completed by the time the fair takes place in late July.

by Rusty Mehlberg

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