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An International Flair To Music In The Park This Evening

July 5, 2012

Rusty Mehlberg

Rusty Mehlberg

As of now, area residents will have the chance to be outside under the shady trees of Antigo City Park to enjoy this evening's Music in the Park event. Unlike most weeks where local or regional musicians will be entertaining the crowd that come, this evenings performers come all the way from Africa.

The Madikwe Choir, consisting of around 65 singers from South Africa's Western Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Southern Africa, will be performing a variety of native church music starting at 6:30 p.m.

Choir member Steven also explains a certain skit members will be performing they are calling a drama in African languages. "whereby one guy got married to a lady. Somehow the guy think maybe the ladys cheating somehow. And when he started to say 'Hi my wife come let's do this', and then the wife says 'no, I'm no longer interested in you. Then the father of the lady came and intervene because why the father came; the father was paid lobola. Lobola actually means if you raised your child, being a daughter, if she get married there is a certain proportion that I have to pay to say thank you."

As always there will be pie and ice cream for people to enjoy as well, this time provided by area ELCA churches.

Choir members have a bigger purpose than just to perform at Music in the Park while in Wisconsin. That information will be described more during news updates later this Thursday.

by Rusty Mehlberg

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