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AmeriGas Buys Assets of Antigo's Master Gas, Settles in on Neva Road

December 16, 2011

Antigo Daily Journal

Antigo Daily Journal

The telephones at the AmeriGas offices on Neva Road are being answered with a salutation that tells callers that the firm is the “proud new owner of Master Gas.”

One of Antigo’s family-owned firms was sold to the national organization earlier this month capping more than 62 years in business delivering propane fuel and marketing and serving a wide range of heating and air conditioning equipment across the northwoods.

Tina Jones, who serves as sales and service manager for the Antigo and Rhinelander AmeriGas operations, said the firm is pleased to expand its services here.

“We have retained all of the Master Gas personnel,” she said this morning.

Jones explained that AmeriGas has been in Antigo for a number of years and when the opportunity arose to acquire the Master Gas firm it seemed to be a “perfect fit.”

“We offer the customers of Master Gas Service Co. the most sincere welcome to the AmeriGas family,” Jones said. “You have our commitment to provide you reliable, safe and responsible propane service.”

She added that during the transition of the two firms there will be no disruption or changes in service.

“All of the Master Gas Service Co. employees came with us,” Jones said, adding that she and AmeriGas were delighted to have them on board.

Jerry Rice, who with his wife, Eunice owned Master Gas, explained that the company was developed by the owners of City Gas in 1949 to provide propane fuel resources while the firm worked to bring the natural gas pipeline to the area in 1960.

“It was developed into a very good business,” Rice said, adding that the decision was made to sell it for a number of internal reasons.

Jones explained that the AmeriGas organization has been offering service since 1959, and currently has more than 1.3 million customers in nearly all of the 50 states.

“That has made us America’s largest marketer of propane,” she added, “we use the size of our organization to put customers at an advantage every day.”

She stressed that the combination of Master Gas Service Co. and AmeriGas will be virtually seamless, because the combination of Master Gas Service Co. and AmeriGas employees brings together many years of experience that all customers will be able to drawn from.

Jones and Rice are confident that the joining of the businesses will be a positive situation for all involved.

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