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A Check On February Unemployment Rates In The Area

April 1, 2011

Rusty Mehlberg

County 106.1 FM WACD Radio

Unemployment numbers for all area counties rose for a second straight month in 2011. The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development released February rates for counties and major municipalities and metro areas in the state this week.

For our eight county listening area, the rates jumped 0.3-percent in Marathon and Shawano County, 0.5-percent in Forest, Langlade, Lincoln, Oconto and Oneida County, and 1.4-percent in Menominee County. The rates in February ranged between 8.5-percent in Marathon to 13.7-percent in Menominee. These rates are 0.6 to 2.7-percent lower than what they were in 2010 for the month of February.

Compared to all Wisconsin counties, Menominee has the second highest rate behind Door. Oneida, Forest and Lincoln ranked eights, ninth and tenth respectfully in the listings.

As for the state as a whole, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stayed steady at 7.4-percent, despite the state seeing job growth of 5,200 for the month. Secretary Manny Perez said in a statement with the release that they are continue to stay optimistic for job growth for the year and hope those seeking jobs will be looking at all employment opportunities in the state.

by Rusty Mehlberg

-Forest: 11.8-percent, up 0.5, ranked 9
-Langlade: 10.8-percent, up 0.5, ranked 20
-Lincoln: 11.8-percent, up 0.5, ranked 10
-Marathon: 8.5-percent, up 0.3, ranked 47
-Menominee: 13.7-percent, up 1.4, ranked 2
-Oconto: 10.9-percent, up 0.5, ranked 19
-Oneida: 12.0-percent, up 0.5, ranked 8
-Shawano: 10.0-percent, up 0.3, ranked 29

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